MMH7 Editor Guide

site_news Publishing issues resolved
HoMMdb.com up and running again.
ubi Breaking: Ubisoft drops Limbic
Ubisoft and Limbic Entertainment part ways.
uutistausta MMH7: Hotfix 2.2.1
uutistausta MMH7: Patch 2.2 available
umbramancer Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer
uutistausta MMH7: Hotfix 2.1 released
site_news HoMMdb back in action
news_trial MMH7: Trial by Fire released
uutistausta Latest in Might & Magic: Heroes VII
news_axeoth1 MMH7: The Lost Tales of Axeoth and patch 1.7 released
news_17 MMH7: Patch 1.7 information
news_editor Learning the Heroes 7 Editor
news_steam MMH7: 1.6 and Steam Workshop available
news_16 MMH7: Patch 1.6 information
news_15 MMH7: Patch 1.5 released
news_content MMH7: New content in 1.5
uutistausta MMH7: Patch 1.4 released
uutistausta MMH7: Patch 1.3.1 now available
uutistausta MMH7: Update 1.3
uutistausta MMH7: Version 1.2.1 released
site_news Site update
uutistausta MMH7: Patch 1.2 released
site_news Site update
news_bugs Patch information