News: Breaking: Ubisoft drops Limbic

One era comes to an end, as Ubisoft has announced that its four-year partnership with Might & Magic: Heroes VII developer Limbic Entertainment has been discontinued, thus ending the future support and patches to Heroes VII.

The sad news arrive only two months after the release of the first (and only) Heroes VII expansion Trial by Fire. A myriad of bugs that still remain in both the base game and expansion will remain unfixed by the official team, and only time will tell if the fan community is able to step up and try to patch the uncomplete game.

There’s no word currently on where the franchise will end up, but we here at will be following the future of the series very closely.

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  1. Thanks for the update. There are so many bugs I have given up on creating more games anyway. Hopefully, a Heroes 8 will be forthcoming that will have a much better (i.e., functional) map creation feature.

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