News: MMH7: Patch 1.2 released

The long-awaited patch for Might & Magic: Heroes VII is now finally available, and the 1.2 update should download automatically through Steam and Uplay. Ubisoft has posted the full release notes on their website, but here are the main points of the content:

– Fixed Campaign & Scenario Maps walkthrough blockers
– Improved AI speed and decision making process
– Improved global compatibility and performances of the game
– Fixed Load, Save & Autosave corruptions in various circumstances
– Fixed Skills and Abilities effects and values
– Many bug and glitch fixes
– Improved multiplayer experience and stability
– Improved Map editor feature and fixes
– Improved Localization in various languages

Although many bugs still remain, the first impressions are very positive. AI speeds have improved significantly, many of the critical campaign bugs have been fixed and the overall game performance seems to be better. The development team has stated they will continue to provide more fixes in the near future.

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