Game:Heroes III
Map author:HoMMdb
Added:October 23, 2015
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Players:8 players (8 human)8 players (8 human)8 players (8 human)8 players (8 human)8 players (8 human)8 players (8 human)8 players (8 human)8 players (8 human)
Map type:Skirmish
Victory condition:Standard
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Heroes of Might & Magic III
The HoMMdb Community Map Collection

Heroes of Might & Magic III is widely regarded as the best game of the series, and it has inspired fans to create thousands of maps from masterpieces to… the not-so-masterpieces. To make your search for quality content a bit easier, we at HoMMdb have gathered some of the best (English) maps available for the beloved game and its two expansions for you to play.

Most of these maps are recommended and praised by many of the community’s renowned HoMM3 players and map makers, although every opinion is different and many great maps are surely missing from the pack. If you have a favorite HoMM3 map that’s not included in the pack, please share it in the comments for others to seek out.

All the map files are accompanied by .txt readme files, so whatever map you choose to play, please take time to read through the readme files to get more information about the maps and see the author’s possible notes and tips for the playthrough.

We hope you enjoy our map pack!

The Restoration of Erathia: 18 maps
Armageddon’s Blade: 17 maps
The Shadow of Death: 24 maps