Game:Heroes III
Map author:Pikkususi
Added:May 11, 2016
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Size:Normal Broad
Players:8 players (8 human)8 players (8 human)8 players (8 human)8 players (8 human)8 players (8 human)8 players (8 human)8 players (8 human)8 players (8 human)
Map type:Skirmish
Victory condition:Standard
Custom modifications:

[This map suggests a different storyline in the wolrld of A Song of Ice and Fire, starting from the end of Robert Baratheon’s Rebellion and the downfall of House Targaryen in year 283 After Aegon’s Conquest (AC). Disputes about who should be the new king and separatism in Westeros have led to chaos, and the eight major houses are now confronted in a new war.
A Game of Thrones
A Clash of Kings
A Storm of Swords
A Feast for Crows

Playable houses: Stark (blue), Lannister (red), Tully (tan), Tyrell (green), Martell (orange), Greyjoy (violet), Arryn (teal), Baratheon (pink). Each house holds a total of 3 random castles (2 of them start as neutral), 8 mines, the nature of which depends on the house, and 6 heroes who ara characters from the saga.

Recommended for being played with as many human players as possible. The problem of the map being played with too many CPUs is that, as long as there are so many heroes controlled by the CPU players, they won’t be recruiting any, even if one of them loses all the heroes.
The strength of the map for the fans of the saga is that a lot of effort has been put in reproducing the map of Westeros as perfectly as the editor was able to, respecting the distances between places throughout the map.]