Game:Heroes VII
Map author:Doctor
Added:October 17, 2023
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Size:Normal Broad
Players:7 players (1 human)7 players (1 human)7 players (1 human)7 players (1 human)7 players (1 human)7 players (1 human)7 players (1 human)
Map type:Scenario
Victory condition:Customized
Custom modifications:

Brownie returned his beloved sister from captivity and became the new count of the Green Valley, giving the residents a quiet life. Greenvool was thriving. But a quiet life can’t last forever. The Magicians are not going to forgive Brownie for his audacity, they are hungry for revenge and their armies are already on their way to Greenwool! After the destruction of the Dead Mountain, the ways to the western lands were opened, journeys to which are full of dangers and surprises. The alliance has come to an end in the dungeon – necromancers reign, who have slaughtered almost all dark elves … Brownie is ready for any difficulties, he can defeat all enemies, but he does not even imagine what kind of meeting the gods have in store for him…

There are two versions of the game: in Russian and English.