Game:Heroes VII
Map author:Doctor
Added:July 31, 2023
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Size:Normal Broad
Players:7 players (1 human)7 players (1 human)7 players (1 human)7 players (1 human)7 players (1 human)7 players (1 human)7 players (1 human)
Map type:Scenario
Victory condition:Customized
Custom modifications:

Brownie is the youngest son of Count Martin, who died a few years ago. He is the true chosen one of Elrath, the future count of the Green Valley and not only! But he himself does not know this yet, he is at the very beginning of his adult journey. The ways of a warrior, a leader and an unsurpassed ruler. He sets off on a journey with Imri, a mysterious and wise girl-jin. On his way there will be more than one quest and many fights with various enemies: humans, elves, orcs, necromancers… This is the first chapter of the story and my first map in HOMM 7, so don’t judge strictly. During the game you will encounter a decent number of messages and dialogues, some are related to this map, some to the following maps (if they, of course, see the light), some do not play a big role for victory, but still I recommend reading everything.

There are 2 versions of the game: in Russian and English.