Game:Heroes VII
Map author:A100N
Added:March 11, 2016
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Players:2 players (1 human)2 players (1 human)
Map type:Scenario
Victory condition:Customized
Custom modifications:

heroWyv NewBosPicSeven days of hard work and you’re done!

On the map to try a fraction “undead” vs “elves”

But above all the creatures lurking in this land …


The main features of the map:


2 Unique Heroes of created specifically for this scenario!

New heroes have their own icons and portraits of the tree skills!

(The second hero is not available at the beginning of the game)

Amended specification nest level one (undead)

8 main quests!

4 secondary quests!

More than a dozen ewents! (For example – the curse of the elves …)

Beautiful terrain with many details!


All tasks are written in Polish, but for most tasks are markers on the minimap 🙂

Have fun, and look forward to the comments …

WARNING – FULL PLAYABLE  *End of elves 1v2* ( map cooced, for better performance, smal size and no load in editor)

UPDATE 1v2 – Repair ICONS for HEROES !!! – Sorry guys but H7Editor still buged:/

SCREEN from Start New Game