Game:Heroes VII
Map author:Slyen
Added:March 5, 2017
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Players:2 players (2 human)2 players (2 human)
Map type:Skirmish
Victory condition:Standard
Custom modifications:

Hello everyone

(Forgive my english translated by google ^^)

I present here a different way of playing heroes.

Unable to recruit an army or build the castle, or hired new heroes.

Here everything is played by invocation, payable in mana or use of parchment.

Each player has 30 units to protect in priority, they are equivalent to the point of life of the hero

The fight is more strategic:

For the occasion this card possede:

_ 2 heroes with wheel of talent edit, exactly similar

_ An invocable unit of the inferno faction

_New Haven Unit (Additional Competence)

_of new creatures, everything is done from the game, I mixed the data to create new.

This card is still in test phase, and a lot of thing has to add, adjust.

I propose you because I will like to have your opinions regarding this way of playing, to know if you like it and if I have to continue :).

J is waiting impatiently your return on all, balancing, relevance of the mode of play.

Thank you in advance and wish you good game, kiss.