Game:Heroes VII
Map author:BoogieBest
Added:March 28, 2018
Size:Normal Broad
Players:6 players (1 human)6 players (1 human)6 players (1 human)6 players (1 human)6 players (1 human)6 players (1 human)
Map type:Skirmish
Victory condition:Standard
Custom modifications:

The Elves and Humans fight over the border between their kingdoms. Both sides claim the town of Harmondale. Meanwhile the Wizzards of the Bracada Desert decided to unite the lands, if necessary with force, because below the surface Archibald and the Necromancers  dont waste time to prepare for their revenge. Just like the Warlocks of Nighon, who after their defeat at Mount Nighon, retreated to Eeofel.
Can you bring peace to Erathia?

A map for all fans of MM7 like myself. It takes MM7 as an inspiration while not tryinig to rebuild it.
You can choose the factions. Every dwelling and neutral town is linked to the diffrent player factions, so surrounding buildings will always match accordingly. However, this  is how the map is intended:
P1= Haven
P2= Sylvan
P3= Academy (town cannot be changed)
P4= Dungeon
P6=Fortress / Stronghold / Dungeon

– For 1-6 Human Players
– Team the Computer up for even more challenge
– Max Level 200
– Tear of Asha has several possible locations.
– No ships on map possible.

If you find any bugs or have suggestion for improvement please let me know. Have fun!
Version 1.0