Game:Heroes VII
Map author:kielbasa
Added:January 2, 2016
(15 votes)
Players:5 players (4 human)5 players (4 human)5 players (4 human)5 players (4 human)5 players (4 human)
Map type:Skirmish
Victory condition:Customized
Custom modifications:

Note: if the game crashes when loading – at the time when you can see windows mouse pointer  do not press any key or mouse button and wait some time (ppl says it can be like 5 min or more – for me its like 5 sec but it propably depends on comp spec)

Prefered settings:

Hard difficulty.

Do NOT play as a necropolis facion – causes some crashes at the end … game bug

Player1 – AirMagic  (underground play)

Player2 – EarthMagic (underground play)

Player3 – FireMagic

Player4 – LightMagic


Dont play as Player5 its main enemy – can not disable him due to skirimish map …

Also dont change victory conditions – it cannot be disabled on skirimish.


Inner fire and storm arrow – disabled  <if u want change it in map editor – but without them u start to use other spells not only these two>

Added few new artifacts + spells.

There is some buildings that upg skills + some that gives free abilities

Check minimap at map load to see what champion dweling is generated – restart map if you need.


If you have problems loading the map in the game, you can download a lower quality version here: