Game:Heroes VII
Map author:DimaJeydar
Added:January 29, 2017
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Size:Big Broad
Players:6 players (6 human)6 players (6 human)6 players (6 human)6 players (6 human)6 players (6 human)6 players (6 human)
Map type:Skirmish
Victory condition:Standard
Custom modifications:

“Corypheus is defeated, Wardens have fallen and Inquisition is disbanded. Qunari are at war with Tevinter and elves suddenly rebel for their freedom. Thedas slowly plunges into chaos and no one can keep out of conflict…”

This map was created by the inspiration of Dragon Age. Notice me if there is some problems or something is missing.

For better immersion choose these factions for players:
Player 1 – Haven
Player 2 – Academy
Player 3 – Sylvan
Player 4 – Stronghold
Player 5 – Fortress
Player 6 – Dungeon
(actually you will play for these factions anyway, but in this case you will have main hero of your faction)