Game:Heroes VII
Mod author:Romansen
Last updated:October 31, 2016 at 19:51
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Mod for 2.2.1. I bad speak english. По русски здесь.

Some screenshots


1. Skills: 1.1) Nature’s fury – now is the ability to MIght, affects all creatures.  1.2) Metamagic -magic Shield protection provides 3 times the number of metamagic. 1.3) Logistics – adds for each rang on two points of movement.

2. Spells: 2.1) Forbidden Magic: Sylvan – the magic of fire; Stronghold – the prime; Fortess – the magic of water. 2.2) Agony – has no effect on the undead and constructs 2.3) “Portal to the city” – now spell magic of air (due to the fact that the prime magic banned stronghold).

3. New features: 3.1) Vampire added capacity – no retalation. 3.2) Lamassu – responds to all the blows. 3.3) Soulless – Vingelance (no flank). 3.4) Arhilich added ability – “death star» (Nova). 3.5) Added new ability – ” no penalty in melee attack”

4. Changes / balancing: 4.1) All poisons (venom)  no act on the constructs and undead. 4.2) Added Zoom in battle. 4.3) Reduced the health units of the undead. 4.4) Changing the magic damage in some units. 4.5) Features Champions the same stats in the campaign, and skrimish. 4.6) Changes stats of individual units. 4.7) All nova skills can now be used only once per battle. 4.8) Error change in the Russian localization.

Bugs fix,  some bugs taken from this mod: 1. Aura Phoenix – fix . 2. Entangle Ent – now works in distant and close combat.  3. Skills to entangle “the wrath of nature» – fix.  4.[Red Dragon & Ardent Dragon] – Firebreath Ability – fix.  5.[Ardent Dragon] – Trail Of Fire Ability – fix. 6.[Einherjar] – Throwing Hammer Ability – fix.  7.[Manticore] – Crippling Sting Ability – fix.