Game:Heroes VII
Mod author:lucibuis
Last updated:July 7, 2019 at 18:52
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This mod makes the Blizzard spell less overpowered.

Because of erroneous AI behavior, AI units remain inside area of effect spells such as Blizzard, Firewall, Poison Cloud and Thorns until they expire. This makes these spells extremely powerful since they can trap AI units for a long time.

This specific mod addresses the Blizzard spell, which is the only Tier 1 spell among those, it has the largest area and arguably is the most overpowered.

Now Blizzard lasts 1 turn only. The spell is still strong since it costs only 10 mana, but to make it work as in vanilla you have to dedicate lots of mana to it.

The 2 turn delay effect after Blizzard ends given by Master of Water I remains the same as in vanilla.

This mod can be installed in the Documents directory of MMH& so it doesn’t modify the base game installation.

It only works with the Trial by Fire expansion.