Game:Heroes VII
Mod author:MoritzBradtke
Last updated:December 23, 2019 at 00:22
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Hereos VII Improved Mod
i changed file structure a bit, pls delete mod before u uptade
also see:
i recommand installing my mod as the last mod if use several ones, other mods that add new Adventure maps work fine with this mod  but since im using some files other mods do as well, the last mod will Always overwrite the previous one,  if u are unsure about this, just delete ure “cookedpc” Folder in documents/mygames/hereosVII which contains all mods which Change game files but not new maps (u should always install and delete mods this way, dont touch the files where the game itself is installed on f.e C:) and move the packages there again in the order u think is the most important one for u but again, install my mod as last one i highly recommand also also i would recommand only use 1

most changes are listed in readme.txt and there is an instal/uninstall guide as well, it is possible to avoid certain changes and still use this mod, i can give advice here if someone really doesnt like something in the mod, this mod only supports english tooltips so some messed up or missing tooltips can happen if  u dont play in english text language but that doesnt affect gameplay, just select “english” in uplay, start game and it will download english files quickly, in game Change text language under Options to “english”, done

if the mod causes any Problems for u let me know,  if u find any Bugs let me know

btw the art isnt of me but i was so free to use it, i hope nobody will hate me for it (-:


This is my personal Content and Balance Mod for the game Might and Magic Heroes VII. I enjoy the game a lot. This is an ongoing Project i would like to continue when i have time to do it. So feel free to try it and give me some Feedback so i can improve this mod even more (: I want a fun and balanced game after all so im up for suggestions!  be sure to check back for uptades at some point if u love the game as much as me (: Have fun!
some core features im going to focus on:

–  some Bugs beside these i use from other mods ( f.e most bug fixes I use belong to UCP mod)

– no useless T1 spells to start with as magic hereos

– “better” AI for Magic hereos on skirmish maps and some others, means they can handle spells better, as well as trying to fix Problems with skill picking for AI hereos (f.e warfare hero without warfare unit, i cant programm, i do this by exploiting workarounds to fix some stuff)

– balancing for spells  in general

–  better scaling for might and Magic  (might hereos start too weak atm and in endgame might hereos are too strong(what is also an AI Problem but well)

– more interesting and better sorted skills (f.e Exploration and warfare)

– diplomacy improved to make it more user friendly for smaller maps and more useful in General

– alternative hereos to offer more classes and more interesting hereos and specs, as well as reworked hereos in some cases

– a Little more transparency is Terms of UI(however i wont do much here, limited to tooltips mainly)

-more neutral Units to fight, im going to add the warfare Units as neutrals at some Point and Maybe some others and im also working on a Special Version of the healing sister which will be a neutral unit once ive finished her animations(didnt have time for that  yet)

-better more realistic visuals for creatures on combat and advanture maps, means scaling and more small 1×1 creatures and less 2×2(is mostly finished)

here u can see on the left side the adv. map scale bases on the scaled creatures mod and on the right some edited Mobs as they should be, at last thats what im thinking

-rebalanced artifacts




V 1.0
Hall of hereos: 3 hereos of ure faction instead of 2 and only 1 of a rnd faction on skirmish maps
morale and luck: removed caps
diplomacy improved, is more player friendly if u want to play with it early on, gives reduced gold costs for hiring on each level now
alternative hero for haven’s melisade, jesabeth, featuring red mage class, meele&magic hybrid, own spec(nothing to special tough), own hero and hero screen pic
improved hero orna, new hero screen picture, gave her a new class called “angel” with altered stats and skills and improved her heal adept spec, now lowers mana cost and gives a slighty stronger heal on master level, removed the +1 rank effect since it is pointless when ure a light master anyway
improved heal spell, halved mana cost and changes heal amount to be more similiar to regeneration, it is still a little weaker tough, with master of light only 3×3 AOE now
guardian and justicar got another set of abilities since opportunity reta is broken
warfare master perk triple shot down to double shot to make it less rush and must have while it is still good
new spell fire shield replaces burning determination, spell is similiar to valkyries fire shield but it scales with the hero’s magic stat and it gives fire resistance with master on fire I and only 3×3 AOE now
nerfed fire spells buring dot by 50%
changed firewall so it cant be exploited anymore by the player, also uptaded tooltip since it is has trap effect now only 1 turn and second firewall hit on enemy turn start is only 1/4 dmg of initial dmg now
improved celestial armour, halved mana cost, added defense and magical resistance effect, lasts for 4 turns now
scouting sight radius up to 3 from 2 / rank ups give 2 movement (overtaken by another mod)
buffed native terrain skill up to 20% reduced movement cost for area of control
locasations for english language
V 1.1 added some entries on locasations files i forgot on first version
changed blizzard spell, lasts only 2 turns now for unupgraded and upgraded effect, this is so to counter the trapping effect and nerf the spell a bit to mak eit more balanced, i think it feels good now
artifacts: major art. naga helm: reduced water strike dmg by 50% / minor artifact druids bracelets: reduced regen by 50%
poison cloud: reduced its dmg by 40% and uptaded tooltip
new sylvaan hero with own class, spec and art, replaced agathin because he was kind of strange hero for me
buffed elraths blessing, gives more morale and defense now
fixed a bug with heal and arkaths blessing i introduced when I created the mod
improved celestial armor tooltip
improved justicar captain spec. now gives attack and defense for the related creatures instead of governour effect
improved warefare skill tree, more unique abilities and better order for them, also switched snatch with scouting in exploration
some hero specs are visible in the info tooltip in combat now, f.e spellweaver( will add all over time for more transparency)
started to add a new way of scaling for the skill tree, exploration now gives 2->3->4 movement, i dont think that is too much because u should be able too see the effect when u go high in exploration, i want to do this for most skills, especially might skills
novice scouting ability gives now 4 sight radius instead of the previously 2 and 3
new scaling for defense and offense tree from 2->4->6…. now gives 4->7->10, from my experience might hereos start to weak while magic hereos start too strong, so i gave it a higher base value a liitle more increasement per level
improved sunbeam spell, now has more interesting effects and can be used on friendly units as well, changed tooltips for it
edited alternative haven hero jesabeth a bit, changed some stuff on her to make her more flexible and interesting , some finetuning on ornas new hero screen picture and jesabeth’s
started to edit existing hereo’s to make em more useful in general, for the player and for the AI as well, haven priest amiciliar got a new set of abilities/spells to start with
corrected some tooltip mistakes
gladiator spec: +6att instead +4, same for painless def + 6 now/ a accolyt of fortune gives 15 luck now instead of 10/ doubled imperial presence spec. boni, now +10 morale and +4 defense/ a son of a wolf now gives 15 morale, old value was 5…/
removed combat upk file from mod (added it by mistake to mod but i didnt do anything with it, is in data folder if u want to remove it, it enables better camera conrols)
haven hero orna had 2 spells from start, now only 1 because balance (-:
started edititing artifacts in masses, my aim is to balance the artifacts, so all atrifacts are equal on strengh, all minor,major and relic, one problem is that artifacts with imprinted spells are too powerful early on(see changes in V1.1) while these with f.e +2 attack are ridicolous weak, i want to change that, i wont list all changes for artifacts here since it are too many but mainly i increase stat boni and weaken imprinted spells for most artifacts
morale handicap for mixed factions down to 5 from 10 to still respect lore but more gameplay friendly now,changed offense and defense skill tree scaling to 3->6->10 for to make is more diff. for mages to get the max amount, chamnged imperial presence spec. morale boost back to 5
changed scaling for attack, attack now scales the same way as defense(2.5% each point) and new cap for defense, u can reduce dmg with defense by 90% now instead of 70, also added tooltips for this change in game,leadership skill tree new scaling-> 7->15->23 morale, will do same for destiny at some point
nerfed buffed celestial armor: now only gives 5 defense instead of 10 and only lasts 3 turns instead of 4, nerfed elrath convincton after buff, nerfed heal after buff by 40%, same for celestial armor, sun beam’s blind effect should now scale unskilled+nocive in light magic 30% to miss, expert and above 50%, also fixed a bug with the buff effect of sunbeam, it gave very high boost at light magic master by mistake
changed defense damage cap again, now max defense modifier is 0.2(20% damage) in terms of attack vs defense, fixed a bug with sunbeam’s miss effect not working always and improved the way it scales, some changes on new haven hero jesabeth, changed effect on celestial armor again and increased its mana cost, now 20 mana, 35%spell resist and 8 def but low dmg absorb, i tried to make it more useful if u have the heal spell as well and give it some unique use
V1.6 more balance on magic, buffed heal spell again because it was too weak, now costs 10 mana again and heals same amount as firebolt does initial damage, earth magic regen spell is a liitle stronger oeverall and is 3×3 while heal is only 2×2 but heal is instant and can reserruct, balancing spells versus might hereos is a pretty big topic but ill do it if i find the time to do it (:
buffed fire magic dot back to 75% of original value, increased mana cost of fireball to 30, lowered all aoe effects of master of light I to 2×2
finally reworked the dark magic tier 1 spells which were really bad to start with, let me know if u like it if u try it out (: these give more useful effects now so i reduced the aoe with the dark skill linked to them to 3×3, i think i did a good job balancing these but feedback is always helpful, beside that a little tooltip polishing for cleaner UI, i also buffed elraths convinction a bit, golems are now immune to weakness, skills give more or less stats: my idea here is that skills should give more than most artifacts since these are harder to obtain( u usually can collect lots of atrifacts quite easy), to make it short i’m working on balance aspects f.e minor gladiator gauntles give 3 att so the novice offense skill should give 4 att, also trying to balance stats like morale, luck and att etc., also came to conclusion that making offense etc. weaker just because mages can get it is no good idea, in this version might hereos got a little power boost, att<->def calculation: defense now caps at 25% minimun dmg, attack max mod. back to 350%, necessery alliance skill now gives 10 morale to be more useful, new victory sound for orna and murazil hereos, buffed rightenous faction skill,
started editing might hereos starting damage, there are 3 values now, first for pure mages 22-22(vanilla), 2. allrounder classes what depends on faction as well: 38-48 and last more or less pure might hereos: 60-70, the scaling stays the same, fixed lasir’s bugy stats, he is a ranger now(had ranger stats anyway), beside that more hero and skill editing for a better balance and more useful and interesting ways to play the game, I’ve finished most but not all haven hereos at last so far, my plan is to uptade all hereos some time in the future, what i do? i imporove too weak specs, i alter some skills to make the hereos more accesable foe the AI, f.e a light hero with elraths convinction… the AI cant deal with that, it doesnt use adventure spells at all, no point, giving a magic hero high leadership and luck= pretty much a waste for the most point, i adjust hereos stats a bit while i check their classes and lore, stuff like that…
economy: new gold scaling 150->250, removed 3 atrifacts from skirmish maps (i hope, not totally sure) because i think that faction exclusive atrifacts dont belong here here since the artifact pool is limited anyway, especially on smaller maps, mentor back to 25% exp(not sure why they nerfed it in the first place), tiier 4 spells now need 10 arcane knowledge, advance warcry now gives +5 ini instead of 2, governour skill give higher boosts now to reflect the changes in stat scaling, value doubled, rousing speech value x2, archery full range skill is back, offense giant slayer now only works for 1×1 attacking creataures and gives more att, time control was buffed, replaced prime scholar skill with new skill arcane brilliance what is ellas new spec and started editing the size of some creatures because some are just ackward, dire wolf and silverback are now a 1×1 creatures and smaller, moon doe 1×1, souless and strider are now 1×1 and smaeller , centaurs 1×1 creatures as well, gnolls smaller, deathspider scaling a little changed, ebonspider smaller and 1×1, banshees now has incorporeal skill, rebalanced like 40% of the atrifacts so far, , changed adv. map scaling for small creatures being small again(sorry 3lion xD) ,Kobold and defender smaller overall, gnolls as well
V1.8 fixed some tooltips, remastered scaling for most(but not all yet) creatures on adventure map based on 3LION’s scaled creature mod
V1.9 changed attacking sounds for murazil and orna(male angel sound here…ewww), added nolwen hero to skrimish maps and added new fotress hero: beatrice, a valkyrie style hero, continued my work on creature scaling on adventure map, fixed some tooltip errors, homeland skill never had his icon in buff window applied=fixed, buffed new disease spell, nerfed new weakness spell is only 3×2 now, fixed nec alliance skill bug(only 2 morale), artifacts balancing for the +12 magic gems, buffed new t1 fire magic spell, ardent caster now gives 2 att instead of 1,fixed general bug: engage: when upgraded doesnt give +15 att against not retelating targets, included most bug fixes from this mod to my files belongs to authors, i just do this because i have to edit the same files eventually, so to ensure copatibly for future uptades), uptaded new hero attack value for all hereos(i think), included most balancing changes from this mod which belongs to author in my files BUT not any changes to necropolis creatures’ stats or abilities, included dungeon shroud turn 2 fix by this mod to my files(belong to author again)
V2.0 fixed misssing new skirmish hereos, fixed cyclops fiery eye ablity not being taken into account by fire resistance abilities( i think i fixed it), fixed default attack of enraged cyclops being shown as ranged attack, fixed explo skill giving the correct amounts of movement, lowered new dark t1 spells’ disease scaling a bit on higher levels, mask of doom atrifact debuff now being shown in tooltips, improved creature scaling aspects, fixed few minor problems with warfare tree skills order and related specialisations, haven swordmaster/landsknecht champion creature is a 1×1 creature now, changed new t1 dark spell disease: now affects morale again instead of health, so it is basically the vanilla spell again but another name, new scaling for morale and added dark damage, fixed exploration tooltip, fixed problem with tutorial and edric, changed edrics spec to solve it, fixed new rightenous, defense, offense and leadership skill trees giving the intended stat boosts, minor artifact changes, buffed defense perk vitality, the abbot is now red(will fix its 2d picture at some point) the abbot mod is included but i dont own it and i thank the author for doing it (:, abbot no play his critical hit animation on ranged attack, changed destiny skill tree stat booost to fit the new scaling, added 2 new buffs to destiny skill travelers luck, added better camera control(more zoom in) to my mod what is no change by me from the beginning~
V2.1 fixed bug with quick combat not working properly and prob other weird resulting problems like too high lv AI hereos, beside that little adjustments to balance and UI finetuning for few pictures, i had to remove the changed hero dmg values because the game doesnt alow that, instead all might hereos without any serious magic talent now start with the artifact “warrior’s sword” which increases the hero dmg
V2.2 added shantiri titan from romans balance mod for the new stats in campaign etc as well , some polishing on warefare unit abilities, fixed a general game bug with rune stone not being available for manual control with some warefare skills, hero orna has been changed a bit skills and spells for beginning, adowyn got a new starter set as well since AI cant use heal spell too well it seems, blessed words now gives defense instead of morale and reworked haven faction hereos starter skills,stats, some classes and starter spells, f.e paladin is more focused in light magic now,the inquisitors start with a new inquisitor ability, playing against haven AI should now be a bigger challenge since ive optimized most haven hereos so they are stronger, travelers luck now gives 2 uniquipe buffs and i removed the old boring ones, more to come eventually, i added some files from the new Unofficial community patch to my mod, mainly for compatibility and bug fixes, less bugs are always great and so people can play with both mods( more or less) i didnt include everything in my mod but the most important stuff, it would be difficult to name it but mostly bug fixes and some lore desicsions i like like sylvaan no fire magic haven no dark etc, at last not in their magic buildings, u can still always learn it and get spells somewheer else
V2.3 just some minor fixes
 V2.4 fixed a bug with Bastion town Portal not working
 V2.5 made some loading screen tooltips more clear, haven priory no longer requires healing sister warfare building, changed hereos jesabeth and orna a bit, also adowyn,nerfed upgraded weaknesss now 2×2, changed upgraded sunbeam now 1×5, buffed upgraded heal 2×3, nerfed timecontrol less movement and only 3×3 now, soulharvest ability down to 10 mana per kill, freezing orb 1×1 instead 3×3
heal upgraded 2×2, sunbeam upgraded 4×1, halved base chance needed for negations based of army size… means with diplomaty skill ull have an easier time proccing negations now= higher threat= less chance to proc it but ive reduced this by 50% now since it was very high, without ull still only get procs on trivial enemies rarely, buffed celestial armor a bit, 4×4 upgraded now and little stronger, fixed adowyn heropedia text, changed adowyn hero a bit, fixed something with her skilltree, i removed caps for attack versus defense so now it is possible that units dont do any dmg to enemies if they cant surpass their defense rating, attack is 400% but that is hard to reach anyway, buffed stoneskin spell and also rocksolid perk, sylvaans champions dweeling no longer require  magic guild, hunters no longer smithing building, blessed words perk in rightenous now works similiar to rousing speech since it wasnt working with upgraded aoe effects like mass heal etc 4×4… so ive decided to change it since it woudnt work sometimes and bc there seems no way to fix it, blizzard down to 3×3, uplifting light perk now +5 morale, haven angel champion units got passive skills, some sylvaan units also got passive skills, changed start spells for some haven hereos, skrimish AI is rather bad and i kind of gave up making it better, so I’ll focus less on that, game excells more at scripted maps like scenarios and campaings and hotseat, MP online doesnt work very well, too unstable, sadly!
pretty huge uptade here, ive changed the att def scaling, so that changes a lot
added a change from author lizardwarrior to my mod, camera on adventure maps can now be moved freely, no limitations in zoom in, out, side etc., however the flags over creature armys are now smaller, i dont rly like it but i dont see it a serious problem either and being able to move the camera free now seems more important to me, ive added the greenland combat maps from new combat maps, so more combat maps on grass like land now, light magic skill uplifting light now gives att and def instead of morale, advance warcry nerfed again only 3 initative now, chaplain now plays same crit animation as abbot, apprentices got a change to their piercing shot in the UCP mod i took over and ive improved it a bit since it missed something, fixed splah tooltip from UCP mod was missing the -1 in tooltip for movement, chaplain and abbot now have icon for no meele penalty, ive decided to reverse some changes back, ive restored the vanilla attack and defense stats on skills etc., new attack and defense caps are 300% attack mod and 0.33% def mod, att scales with 0.5% each att again and defense with 1.5% each defsense, so thats more similiar to vanilla but there are even harder caps now and def scales even worse, however i think it is for the good, here is a little spreedsheet which shows the realation of the impact for att and def on the same level scaling, some have a an extra % value, it shows the value of another stat point increase, while they start similiar the more defense u get the more unbalanced it gets so u have to cap defense and the vanilla cap with 0.25 wasnt enough, also i capped attack earlier, to make sure attack is balanced as well now defense caps at +44 DEF now and ATT at +40 ATT, overall the topic is a liitle more complicated than i first thought but the scaling should be a lot better now and fights should be more challening as well, well or just take longer (:
100 DMG calculation, ATT DEF scaling
DEF 1.5%               ATT 5%
1 DEF -1.5% = 98.5  1ATT= 105
10DEF -15% = 85          10ATT= 150
11DEF -16.5%= 83.5= 1.8% 11ATT= 155 = 3.3%
15DEF -22,5% = 77,5       15ATT= 175
16DEF -24%   = 76 = 2%    16ATT= 180 = 2,8%
20DEF -30% = 70           20ATT= 200
21DEF -31.5%= 68.5= 2.1%  21 ATT= 205=2.5%
30DEF -45% = 55           30ATT = 250
31DEF -46.5%= 53.5= 2.7%  31ATT= 255= 2%
35DEF -52.5%= 47.5= 2.7%  35ATT= 275
36DEF -54%= 49= 3.16%      36ATT= 280= 1.8%
40DEF -60.0%= 40            40 ATT= 300 CAP
41DEF -61.5%= 38.5 3.75%   41ATT= 305= 1.6%
45DEF -67.5%= 32.5         45ATT= 325
46DEF -69%   =31   4.6%    46ATT= 330 1.5%
50DEF -75.0%= 25          50 ATT= 350
51DEF -76.5%= 23.5 6.%     51ATT= 355= 1.43%
i currenty use these stat values for my mod,
Att and Def 100%, Morale and Luck 200%, Magic and Spirit 50%, INI 50%
so that means 2 ATT is worth this: 10 Morale or 10 Luck(mostly bc 1 att gives 5% more dmg and u could say 5 luck or morale do about the same) , 1 Spirit or Magic and 1 Ini
i use this to scale skills atrifacts and hereos
eagle eye spec sight radius x4,ive nerfed exploration movement a bit again
V2.8 added/fixed some missing entries i forgot in 2.7, dis and valkyrie got new passive skills, sylcaan champion unit tree got new passive skills, water elemental now uses splash, gold dragon’s light breath now active ability and only once per combat and he has different animations for attacks,improved some tooltips in general, uptaded stoneskin and elraths convincting spells’ scaling
buffed watershield skill value x2, weakend most wisdom skills so far, new dungeon hero: aribeth from neverwinter nights, owns potraits, class etc, didnt make a custom spec yet tough… she is first the unit i altered the textures for she is based on the dungeon might hero but she got red hair, is no perfect work but ive managed to do it decently and it looks good i think, lowered morale value for quick combat since was pretty high, advance warcry vanilla stats again because it is strong enough i guess, morale was buffed since it was a pretty weak stat, even after my changes to the stats, morale turns now give +75% dmg instead 50%, haven master perk gives +100% movement bonus hasnt been changed, dungeon champion units no longer require magic guilds,
despite saying i woudnt focus on AI anymore i had good idea i’ve implented a change important for AI especially for mages which suck, devs obiously didnt realized the importence of this or they just had other stuff to do, however, AI mage heros are very bad since they often dont learn any spells since they barely visit the towns’ magic guild, i often encounter magic hereos lv15 with like no spells…. + they are just skilled very bad and magic hero without right skills and spells= junk, so i currently test a new “easy” way to improve this, “haven” magic hereos now start with just one skill instead of the default 2 (need to rework all hereos at some point), might hereos still get 2 different start skills, AI sometimes trys to focus on the default skill tree, even tough u cant count on that, that may help focusing the AI hero development on f.e fire spec, since these hereos start with 1 less skill point i’ll give these hereos 1 tier 2 spell for free, what will make em stronger in general since they can actually cast spells… hereos who start with a spec giving em novice perk for free will 3 spells total (2x t1, 1xt2) since they start with 0 additional start skills like ella or spell specis who get a free skill point this way, some hereos with spell specs also start with a  tier 3 spell that is so to secure these mages have agood spell to cast and the AI can only rly handle damaging spells(aoe spells that cause direct dmg is the best u can give the AI)  also might hereos with partly magic oriented gameplay lost their magic start skills to avoid the AI is focusing too much on it resulting in a weird splited distrubtion of start points with no spells at all so might hereos will just focus on might and magic hereos on magic resulting in an overall better AI, some might+magic hereos are not affected by this tough, at last thats the idea overall, this also means seacrificing diversity on hereos to make em more mainstream so they can be competitive but for  maps it’ll be worth it since they will be more challenging since this rly improves the AI
master of light spec improved(mainly to make it more viable for AI),alesia new spec for above reason, changed weakness spells a bit since it was producing a little bug sometimes, smokebomb debuff is now visible with tooltip icon in enemy screen,water elemental got a unused animation for his new splash, splash should also have a sound effect now which it was missing in generel, jesabeth now magic hero, changed jesabth’s stat progression a bit(again i know), removed or added warriors sword artifact from some hereos, despair spell got new spell scaling, reworked stats from mages for custon hereos and haven for new stat scaling, new scaling for spirit 2 att same as 2 spirit while still 1 Magic, added combatmaps package i forgot in 2.7, if u want to use These new combat maps, copy the custom maps Folder in the same as the cookedpc and localisation Folder———————————————————————————————————————-
dark wisdom scaling, aribeth got warrior sword, aribeth warfare skill instead of prime magic and some other skill changes on her, added rnd spec for aribeth, dungeon mephitic scent ability dmg doubled, some spells are now stackable, that is to encounter a problem with AI casting spells on the same unit again and again with barely a additional effect and therefore the casting being wasted i think this is a decent idea how to deal with it , u may call it dmg control for stupid AI so it is some challenge for the opponent i wont listen every change for which spells stack now but most i guess, agony now stackable, agony only 2 turns duration, celestial armor new scaling and 4 turns duration and is stackable now but only 30% spell reduction per use , sunbeam debuff only 1 turn duration now and higher initial dmg(75% of firebolt)  and higher miss chance and caps for morale buff dep. on skill lv, reworked sunbeam spell mechanics it feels like a better less annyoing and more clear spell now,
new scaling for magic starter hereos to make things easier 1 start skill on novice is worth 2 tier one spells, so if a hero has 0 start skills he gets 4 tier 1 spells or 2 t1 and 1 t2 spell or 1 t1 spell and 1 t3 spells, i guess that is decently balanced, however any hero will start with at last one tier 1 spell, time control is now stackable, let me know if u like it or it sucks,the burning dot from fire spells does his vanilla dot dmg again on average but is more variable now, lasts only 2 turns but the dot is now stackable, reworked custom hereos and haven hereos starter spells for better Ai accesibility, new scaling for heal spell, u can usually see the scalings in the magic guild if ure interested in this, changed att and def scaling a bit again for various reasons, def scaling is now 2% per point instead 1.5, new defense cap is 20% so 1/5 dmg and  att cap 500% what means dmg x5,  fire bolt’s spell scaling initial dmg has been lowered on expert and master lv, luck capped again for balance reasons i capped it at 75 for now, new scaling for despair spell and now only 2 turns  ,reworked custom and haven hereos again a bit for better AI spellcasting, stoneskin and regen now stackable spells, incorporeal nerfed 30>20% and should also work with spells now and hero attack but im not rly sure here needs testing———————————————————————————————————aribethcustomhero got dungeon mount for now since victory animation is clipping, weakness 4×4 now again, despair morale scaling with magic nerfed a bit and sunbeams’ as well, new scaling elraths convinction, hunter now has scatter shot but looses it on upgrade for double shot, justicar and guardian haven units use their vanilla skills again, the fix from anthalyian’s mod should fix the bug with opputunity reta
cleaned up mod packages so u may now delete old packages from previous versions, all .upk files in the coopked pc folder beside the 4 in the latest downloadeded version may be deleted do NOT delete anything in the other folders like “editor” etc., think ive fixed vestal hero spec crating infinite healing sisters on hero recruits but this skill isnt used atm anymore since i want to rework it a bit, rescaled stoneskin spells scaling, reworked celestial armor quite a bit, both these spells are stackable now, tyris now more magic atuned while ymoril less,  hereos with master or GM warfare skill now start with the attacking warfare unit automatically , that is to ensure the AI that sometimes skills in this actually has a warfare unit what is not always the case, im going to remove the warriors sword artifact from these hereos for balance reasons, this has been done for haven and custom hereos so far and ill add it for other factions over time, iniative scales more like ATT now 2att is 2 INI, exploration gives less movement now but initiative as well, reason is is it hard to design skills for the AI so they are not bad for the AI, AI picking Explo for its main hero would result in a pretty weak hero so i try to make the tree more combat oriented while still keeping the original spirit, ive changed some stuff in the exploration skill tree,——————————————————————————————————————— academy djynns now have a different creature pic because the old one was very ugly, ive recolored custom hero jesabeths heroscreen sword and also skeleton mesh sword with red also works for nolween hero enjoy (-:, nerfed ymorils spec a bit, apprentice magical shot can only be used twice a combat now since they lack full range until upgrade but what this skill actually gives without much problems since u was able to spam it, rover skill buffed x2 to x3 for temp buffs, explo GM skill said if would only give 20% boost in movement, well the game files actually say it gives 50%… so either the tooltip was wrong or the value, ive fixed the tooltip for now so it gives the same effect as before, reduced morale luck quick combat value since was very high and there is more morale and destiny in the game now, tier 4 spells require 8 arcane knowledge again, ive scaled campaign difficulty so it basically works the same as for skirmish maps now, before difficulty settings for campaings had almost no impact, critter growth is still lower even on hardest difficulty but ive incresed the base size of stacks so if u pick a hard difficulty for campaings u should have a harder time now i guess but im not sure which maps will be affected by this and how much, buffed arcane excalation again a bit since it is an expert perk, haven faction should be a bigger challenge know on skirmish maps so if u Play skimish choose haven as Opponent—————————————————————————————————————
rebalanced some artifacts, removed shifting boots from rnd artifact pool, advance warcry ini buff nerved a bit, ive started to remove imprinted spells from artifacts because these are bugged, if the AI has one it can use it unlimited times and in case of bracelets of freemage what gives lighting strike the AI loves to spam it, since this is just stupid ive removed this, i have to test other artifacts still but i guess they are the same, ive buffed pathfinding skill, ive reverted the change for burning determination, it is in the game again like usual but it in stronger on lower levels now and only lasts 1 turn now try it ureself, fire shield is still in the game as well, frenzy buff had no tooltip——————————————————————————————————————————-
halfed default flank bonus, im not sure if more changes are needed yet, i’ve only altered the default value for now, so other skills etc. are not affected, i did this because the flanking bonus is too high for endgame matches, might offensive hereos totally destroy AI magic hereos in late game, that is also because the AI cant play magic hereos very well but 50% full flanking boosts on dmg for already heavy boosted might hereos’ creatures etc dont help either, it also helps a bit at the beginning of a match since ATT is valued higher than DEF here, check the att def Ratio in Version changes above if u care about it, fire spell burning dot got a little boost in dmg since i’ve reduced the turn count earlier and it has a new effect upgraded, is no longer stackable but its new effect is, im aware spells that stack like stoneskin etc were removed if one of the 2 or more buffs with the name name run out, i have reverted this Change and im working on different Solutions,  agony again 3 turns, worked a bit on jesabeth and nolweens heroscreen pic and buffed renewal 20->25mana, , fiery rage ability nerfed 5>4, new blessed words righteneous skill nerfed, scholar skills mana cost reduction buffed 20->30%, morale boost and demoralized both at 10 morale now, im working on some changes for spells that give buffs or debuffs so the AI can use them more effective, celestial armor is now area wide spell by default that lasts 2 combat turns ive enabled the shield effect again and changed the scaling now master of light II gives it a resistance to magic, fixed fireshield prob stoped working with 3.0 polished its tooltips and it is now areawide as cel. armor with 2 turns duration and now also procs on attacks, also fixed few bugs with these 2 spells, hunter scatter shot is weaker now and only 2 times a combat because i added it as gimmick mostly isnt supposed to be super strong, reworked stoneskin spell as well area wide now new scaling and has a new effect with earth knowledge I, ive improved most custom textures ive added to the game, regeneration now only 2 turns and areawide by default it got a new effect—————————————————————————————–

V3.3 tooltip fixes, swift reinforcement nerved, fixed a bug with new stoneskin effect and had to change some visual effects and sounds on it as well, just tried to make it look as good as possible and i think it works now decently but there seem to be some limitations, fixed a bug with inquisitor spec(some reference got lost for some reason), regeneration now procs on turn end instead turn start——————————————— V3.4-> ive uptaded the mod cause i wanted to share my progresss, the mod is not fisished and i dont know when it’ll be but feel free to use it, i didnt test everything but i hope there are no Bugs, i think i’m on a good way to improve the experience against the AI on skirmish Maps if u fight against magic hereos, something what has Always bothered me, if u want to try it i suggest playing against adowyn form sylvaan faction, she is the best example to fight against——————————————————————————————————————–V.3.4 blizzard  now only 1 turn duration, thorns now only 1 turn, 0 movement while it lasts and does dmg on turn start now, improved visual and sound for icestrike spell , stoneskin heal effect weakened, druids thorns are now affected by earth resistance etc, worked on some custom and haven hereos to improve their skills and starter spells,  scholar skills nerfed to 25%, water bolt spell cost increased now 15 mana instead of 10, nerfed adownys spec a bit, ive done some research on the scripts on the game and gonna rework haven and custom hereos hereos a bit again since i understand em a little better now, my aim is to balance hereos and also make em as good playable for the AI as possible, changed burning determination and fortune, changed druid thorns again a bit, buffed sun beam dmg +50%, water deep freeze duration down to 2 turns, ring of frost 30 mana instead 20 and its dmg nerfed by 30%, more buff spells becoming area of effect by default and get a new effect with knowledge skills (helps AI a lot), magic hereos start with more spells now, it is necessary for the AI since it would be cake on skirmish maps without this Change and it feels good so far,  only implented for some custom hereos so far, will take some time to do it for all, prime magic skill now gives +1 magic on each upgrade but less effect for prime spells to balance it——————————————————————————————————————————————————————-some target area spell changes for AI spell use effeciency,f.e fireball 4×4, also 40 mana now, changed cel. armor and stoneskin spell scaling, cel armor 15 mana now, random skilling will no longer give skills beside the ones the hero can use(well sometimes there are 1 or 2 others) it can still give GM for all tough, i had to do this because the AI also seems to use this to some dergree no matter what type of skilling u choose and that will result in bad investing of skill points sometimes since AI is not always flexible enough to use these off-part skills well f.e paladin with watermagic or priest with earthmagic etc. (usually they wont even have spells for these schools), at the worst the AI will also invest a lot skillpoints in these i want the AI to have a more clear way to skill and some fixed behaviour not random, it will take some time to change this for all hereos, for now it only works for soem of my new custom hereos so if u want to try it set em as the AI start hero on skirmish,————————————————————————————————————————————— fixed bug with new firebolt effect, adowyn hero new look, hall of hereos now creates only 1 hero of ure faction every week, this is kind of interesting gameplay change i guess but i did it mostly for AI behaviour, now AI will spawn hereos a little slower and when the AI main hero is defeated there is a higher chance now the AI will recruit the strongest but defeated hero again instead of one of the other 3 lv 1 heroes and before u ask yes that happens a lot and there is a limit how many hereos can be on the map for the AI so chances are there he will never see daylight again AI is also faster now since less hereos on map at last on first weeks, ive also reduced the maximum hereos AI can hire, was 8, is now 5 i dont know if this will work well for the AI but i would like to test it and i think it should be fine but u never know, dragon blood +1 spirit, reworked custom hereos with new spell and skill changes together with rnd skilling changed like mentioned before, ive restored the old camera for adventure map so u can no longer max zoom out and in and other stuff, main reason was adventure map bulding icons look very strange sometime etc., combat map zoom is not affected, the few new combat maps i added no longer work but they can stay in the folders, burning dete upgarded now gives +1 magic every cast since it is now area wiede by default, heal nerfed by 20%, sunbeam nerfed again by app. 25% dmg, burning determination less morale on master, some tooltips fixed, arcane excalation no longer gives spirit only magic now, fireball bigger visual now, since magic hereos start with more spells now ive decided to give might hereos more as well to a lesser degree of course and only if it fits their class———————————————————————————————————————–

nerfed banshee incroporeal ability a bit, remember when i nerfed bracelet of the freemage because AI can use it infinite times, not only once per combat? now some of  these kind of artifacts give a permament spell u can use as often as u like while u wear em but the spell scales with magic of the hero instead of fixed values, also most imprinted atrifacts which give spells are now limited to magic heros, means might hereos cant wear em, however that is work in progress as a lot stuff, just try it out, some artifacts might or magic only, i think this will encourage people to play with more than 1 hero since u cant use all artifacts on one therefore making the game slower, more interesting and challenging on higher difficulties, some typo errors, im working on the hereos and artifacts atm, i want  to make artifacts a liitle weaker it will affect magic artifacts and leadership destiny most, might defense not so much, reason is ive buffed morale luck caps and buffed morale and to decrease the inflation of morale destiny in the game as i lower it on artifacts——————————————–
added new spell bless from WPU mod, nerfed fireball damage on higher levels, also there is a lesser version of fireball now as tier 2 spell which some heroes will use, it has a good aoe range but is a bit weaker than firebolt, i currently change some vanilla classes as i alter the skills and starter spells of the hereos i do this to make sure they are tougher enemies when controlled by the AI and ive finished the custom hereos and haven ones so far for the most part, celestial armor 20 mana now, added some new skills for units from the UCP mod from anthalyan, ive also balanced some new skills since some were too strong or changed em because i didnt like some things sometimes, also uptaded other stuff like most bug fixes from UCP, i dont include everything here, sometimes i need to add it later manually because files conflict or i dont like a change but that are only a few things, note on magic heroes and balance: i try to give em the spells they need to start with and to make sure they have something for midgame(AI purpose) i try to not give em too many spells but some are necessary sometimes, druid thorns doing 10 dmg again and now when thorns apply also lasts for 1 creature turn 100% of time but only 1 combat round to counter trap effect, new fire magic effect works for firewall and lesser fireball now as well, burning dete on upgrade leadership instead magic now and works little different, few changes on factions forbidden and prefered schools, town portal is prime again————————————————————————————-
removed new scatter shot from hunter for now, some minor balancing, some minor visual tweaks, more atrifact tweaks, new visuals for pixie,sprites attack anmiations and they do earth damage now while dryad will do might damage, little buff for fiery rage ability, new passive skill for all elementals, creature scaling improvements for all units for sake of immersion its harder to test it for combat maps so if u think a creature is too big or small in combat let me know i kind of finished that aspect but improvements might be made, strider souless is 2×2 creature again, finished artifcact reworks which dont belong to sets, some creatures got passive skills they were missing like water vuleability for firebird, new animation effects for critical hits for haven legionaire sentinel unit and reworked the ucp skill, started uptading the artifact sets elven craft finished so far, new skill for assasin and shade(ive used the name and icon from UCP mod for it), legionnaires and sentinels have a bit luck now and less morale to celebrate their new skills :D, added new light tier 1 spell, haven vindicator has less magic scaling on lvups was quite high for some reason, different victory sound for orna and murazel, ucp skill barbarian rage reworked——————————————————————————————————————–
bugfixes of previous versions, backstab ability new flank scaling, removed stunning blow from gargoyle bc i dont think she skill fits the unit very well and ive increased the visual scale of the unit, improved no meele penalty ability visuals, changed shining armor skill, worked on some fire spells some changes and balancing most AOE damaging fire spells now do 50% of the vanilla damage, i want to change it for all spells like this the single nuke should do most damage usually while the AOE spells do a bit less with some excecptions, some visual and audio improvements on some stuff, reverted change with scholar skills they reduce spell cost the same again, reworked pixie,sprite’s new ability, scattershot does more dmg now but only 1 per combat, another ability set for guardian,justicar since old one is bugged and i cant fix it atm, new ability for obsidian gargoyle, dungeon trygolyte upgarde now deals might damage instead earth, new ability for oak dryad————————————————————————————————————————————–

changed some buildings AGAIN bc the changes were lost because i did a mistake, so priory no longer needs sister warfare bulding and sylvaan champions units no longer need all magic guilds, i did some math and had some thoughts and therefore decided to change back some stuff i changed, f.e the haven hereos are more similar to vanilla base starter stats again and leadership destiny etc. uses more of the old scaling again on skills items etc. but now morale will have more impact when it procs more dmg and more movement, also magic uses the vanilla scaling again but spells will be edited instead over time, luck cap is 100 now same as morale, some changes for governour skills based on vanilla stats but weaker now than last mod version mostly, buff for magic affinity skill, buff for mentor skill, arcane intuition 100% proc now, some skill trees give now progressive boosts so it is more rewarding to max em, defense vitaly skill now 4 health, buff for defense evasion skill, uptaded defence alterness skill and little change, buffed diplomaty a little so it is more early game friendly, little buff for new week of luck buffs, arcane excalation and reneweal vanilla stats again, ————————————————————————-movement bonus on boots of wayfarer shoud work now, some tooltip fixes, fixed blessed arrows skill sometimes giving defense 0 whole time(i hope i did), buff for shadow armour, fixed free vestals on alesia when u create another hero, worked a bit on some custom pictures, buffed defensive stance, fixed bug with iwan in off. campaign his resurection set bonus spell not giving the buff, fixed some weird wrong visual effects on the usual resurection spell, some little visual and audio improvement for heal and resurection spell, hereos that start with warefare units have a bug that u sometimes get another warefare unit if it disapears(means it dies or u trade it with a hero) i dont think it can be fixed so just in case u wonder, changed new pixie skill a bit and fixed tooltip, some polishing on some hero specs, fixed a bug with rnd skilling sometimes giving extra skill level ups for some haven hereos, poisoned blades has spell tag removed that, some bug fixes(not sure if the bugs were in last patch), buff for new pixie skill, buffed jesabeths spec, buffed defense preemtive strike ability, shining armor got a little change, some minor UI improvements, fire magic on expert and master liitle stronger, heal spell buffed is now app. 40% stronger, esp. on unranked level what is more similiar to current firespells line is also little stronger on undeads, i changed the new pixie sprite skill quite alot,————————————————————————————– ive tried to fix a bug with dead legionnaires shielding units not sure if it works better now, haven justicar guardian has his vanilla skills again and they work now most of the time, banshees now have 5>0 defense but a higher chance for incorporeal to proc it should proc on all attacks as well, buff for lizardman scatter shot, withering venom and poisoned blades were treated as spell  damage resistance wise changed that, added no meele penalty skill to some creatures and changed the ablity description a bit, ancient treant got earth immunity, orna light master spec for now, barbarian anger should now only proc on creature attacks, different skill set for minotaur unit and upgrade, new passive ability for skelleton units, buffed regeneration spell as i buffed heal spell as well, buff for upgraded stoneskin, apprentice magical shot nerfed only once a combat now———————————————
uptaded some loca files, apprentice should use magical shot again when controlled by AI?(not sure if it didnt before) and now deals rnd magic damage as described,improved some pictures,heal upgraded 2×2 for now(AI currently cant use this so is change for player), added shadow image and shadow cloak spell fixes from UCP mod, now creatures with a immunity will be immune to all this school effects what was not always the case, fixed shades flanking dmg was still too high, lizardmen scatter shot was doing too low dmg, mermaid got the the ice prison ability from UCP mod for testing purpose, amiliciar another spec since AI cant use heal spell atm, added UCP mod fixes for some some light magic effects and fixed resurrection artifact set bonus for iwan on my own again seems i didnt fix it last time also changed the visual and sound effects for the buff of the spell, minor tooltip fixes, earth magic regeneration 4×4 again, fire burning dete and inner fire 4×4 again, fortune as well and lightspeed too 4×4, fireball visual little bigger, changes spells for few haven hereos for better acces for AI and a bit for lore reasons, few artifact fixes and improvements, thorns ability should not longer work on flyers, bufffed incorporeal but nerfed other stats of banshee creature -1 on dmg,———————————————————————————————————————–

V 3.9 uptaded/fixed banshee incorporeal because spells cant miss and tooltip was too low % chance also added 1 attack and lowered the damage reduce effect to 20, enlightened leader little nerf, reworked paragon tree in order to make it more suitiable for might hereos instead of being mostly only useful for mages, tooltip fixes, murazil was doing might damage sometimes, trackers attack missed a tag, scaled some hero specs back, crusher still had its unmodified UCP ability now has my version again, changes blessed arrows skill cause it was buggy sometimes and added some effects, reworked leadership tree as well to make it better and more useful for AI ,——————————————————————————– changed dyrad and oak dryad this unit is now a ranged unit and deals earth damage on range with his new ability and might damage in meele also treantsynergy ability now belongs to oak dryad, dungeon mesmerize cant any longer proc in range combat meele skill now only, fixed hollow bones not working i had to change it it gives defense now on mentioned attacks so it is weaker now but most of time it is still the same effect however ive decided tp make teh effect stronger in general since it only works for might range attacks, ive worked on the haven angels, the AI cant use the light heal or resurrection spells atm not heros nor creatures so ive found a solution to make em work for the angels at last in game by activating em by events happening in combat automatically so ive reworked the resurection ability for the angels both in effect and look this is not only a change for the AI but also the player, uptaded custom and haven hereos changed some skills for them to represent their lore better and some polishing for overall performance———————————–

V4.0/ fixed travelers luck in exploration tree not working for rnd skilling (probably was not working at all? whatever), nerfed sun beam blind effect 25>35>50>60 now instead 25>50>75>100, minor tooltip fixes+imporovements, changed the heal spell since it was too easy to abuse the spell, it now has different effects when upgraded with light knowledge and ive increased the dmg part for undeads by 50% since it is a single target spell now, new auto resurrection skill on angel unit didnt work should work now in most cases——————————————————————–

retribuation spell 5×5 by default now and 2 turns, ends on combat turn now and new effect on upgrade; water shield skill now lasts forever on combat start, celestial armor duration increased by 1 turn and changed duration conditions,explo master gave enemies initiative as well, regeneration now 15 mana and lasts 3 turns again and changed scaling a bit, stoneskin now 3 turns, fixed new crystal wand mana cost not working, minor tooltip improvements—————————————————————————————————————————————————-
V4.2 some changes on haven hereos again what i want to do for other hereos as well better check it ureself than me explain everything, max hereos changed to 4 but i dont know if it works, reduced mana cost for summon elemental spell, altered retribution spell, martyr tooltip fix, some spell balancing on usual spells and more i wont list everything anymore but i try to adjust mana cost of spells as i change em, make some weaker in the early levels and they are better later on and vice versa, increased hereos in hall of hereos to 2 each week, few improvements how AI calculates AI strengh in QuickCombat,few balance changes on prime magic tree, started to add some stuff from new UCP uptade, black guard has a new ability, fixed few bugs i hope with rnd skilling sometimes giving free skill tree progress on lv ups, hero orna new spec and changed army, lowered AI sunbeam value i hope AI will use other spells more often now like celestial armor, new ability in rightenous tree novice, removed haven angel ability and replaced it with a new one since resurection is so buggy )-: old new skill looked weird sometimes and resurrection in general sometimes doesnt work properly so i replaced i kinda like new skill tough, switched some skills in rightenous tree for better pacing, buffed brother in arms skill, some balancing on light magic, few visual improvements—————————————————————————————————————————————-
haven alesia new spec from ucp mod, added changed flaming arrows ability to koboldpathfinders from ucp mod added a fire effect to the kobolds as well, i added namtaru unit as new necropolis unit u can encounter here in necroplis stacks now, some other minor visual changes, improved new eternal life skill in rightenous tree and changed uplifting light in light magic a bit, added new visual effects to the spells too, morale -20 again when friendly stack dies is very punishing so i removed it but i think it makes sense most of the time, restored old blessed words skill in rightenous tree but improved it, improved some other visual effects and changed the tier skills in rigthenous skilltree, buff for “united we stand” skill————————————————————————————————————————————–
i basically formated my pc and lost some info here but i adjusted the scaling of some Units which seemed odd, if u see something strange let it me know too…. I added some visual effects to some light and rightenous skills, changed a few Things on some haven hereos, i also reworked some skills, Bugs too, and mainly the structure in righthenous skill tree and sylvaan agathin is back if i didnt Mention it alrdy but he is a might hero now because his Picture and lore doesnt rly reflect him being a magic hero, i worked on the file structure as well so the mod fits better in the vanilla game but Nothing important to say here, have fun (-:——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-V4.5
adjustments for quickcombat strengh of various skills, more might heros start with atrifact now… added some for haven and sylvaan for now, haven shining armor little nerf bc its not supposed to be  very strong, dryad has gift of life back, some adjustments on usual heroes, skill trees and spells, haven mostly… haven and the custom hereos are pretty final now small changes might come but nothing big best way to test em is playing vs haven on a small rnd map btw, reason the modding on the hereos takes so long is because i have to test how AI can handle spells and how AI generally performs… this needs some testing and if u add the editing and the whole stuff im working on for the game it takes time,  but i think haven hereos and the cutom ones are in a good spot now…………… ………………………………….a good balance between challenge, lore and balance, decided its best to go mostly direct damage dmage spells for casters, buff spells arent rly a good choice for most caster due to several reasons… mostly AI is just bad at handling em esp. defensive ones, sometimes that hurts the lore a bit but on the other side AI will be way more effective what is more important, warriors sword a liitle weaker now, spell balancing, visual stuff, small nerf new rightenous skill, nerfed and fixed crushers ability, started working on sylvaan faction, reworked poison spray spell,haven and sylvaan might hereos now start with faction unique artifact a changed Version of Warriors sword, reworked fire spell as burning is now default and fire upgrade skill u only get another small boost, this is done and planed for most spells since it helps AI a lot and makes spells more consistent, added poison spray to slyvaan magic hereos————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————V4.51 fixed problems with multiplayer compatibility (i hope)