Game:Heroes VII
Mod author:Slyen
Last updated:March 4, 2021 at 13:34
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Community DLC added Hades faction (Inferno).

Portail :


– New town hades

– New siege map

– New unit

– Updated reworked and leveled inferno units (old versions are still available for now)

– 3 new hades heroes

– New skill branch: Demonology (focused on phasing and summoning)

– 1 ultimate summon type (Kyubi, creature available only for summoning with very special stats)

– Installation instructions:

– Unzip the file:

Location: H7config in: Document / my games / Migth and Magic heroes VII / MMH7 Game / Cooked PC / Data

: Hadess.upk and hadess2.upk in: Document / my games / Migth and Magic heroes VII / MMH7 Game / Cooked PC

: SG_Hadess_map_01.upk: Document / my games / Migth and Magic heroes VII / MMH7 Game / Cooked PC

: Document Hadess and Hadess2/ my games / Migth and Magic heroes VII / MMH7 Game / location / INT


: H7AdventureGeneralAI.upk / Document / my games / Migth and Magic heroes VII / MMH7 Game / Cooked PC / Data


InteractiveObjects: Document / my games / Migth and Magic heroes VII / MMH7 Game / Cooked PC /Editor

Hades city only works on SKIRMISH maps (single player and hotseat multiplayer) and you must select both Hades city + Hades HERO before starting your map.


This content has been worked with The Shadow over Ashan data recorded in the H7 config, so I advise you to install this mod in order not to receive an error message at launch,

although it does not interfere with the operation of the game, only the game will tell you that it did not find the data regarding the wpu pack. If this happens, just close the error message window and your game will start normally.


This content and compatible car worked with UCP, Shadow over Ashan, Scalled creatureMod, trial by fire mod.

I created this content myself, there may be some balancing or correction to be expected as I couldn’t do hundreds of tests :).

I will be at your disposal to modify what should be.

A new hero is also planned soon as well as a siege card for the fort which is not yet presented.

(Small precision concerning the construction of the castle, in order to be able to benefit from a real siege map, I compacted the manufacture of the fortifications: 1 unique level 3 construction for the price of 3

I have not yet found a way to modify their evolution, do not hesitate to tell me whether to rebalance the price of the construction, to make it accessible later or not).

If I figure out how to change the other levels, I’ll change that.

You can go to this address for more details on this mod:

Mod presentation video:

H7Config compatible with MoritzBradtke mod:

Portail website Hadès mod :

Thank you vexes for the nice Job !!!

Update 1.1:

– Improved construction screen: more readable and organized
-Correction of the problem of validation of the skills of the demonology branch
-Some evolved creatures and buildings, we are changing names.
Fixed issue with location name.


Update 1.2:
Fixed an issue in the construction of the building that prevented the construction of a Refinery.
Fixed a construction issue that prevented a Thieves Guild spy from being dispatched.


Update 1.3:

-Added a new hero: Baal
-Added a new unit: Demonic Centaur (neutral creature that replaces the Efreet creature from the original game)
-Adjusted the explosion spell on Pit Lord: now becomes 10 damage per unit in the stack instead of 1 damage.
-Change the name of a creature
-Added the real name of the castle πŸ™‚
-Added the missing catapult on the hero Bellona
-Modification of a hero’s talent wheel -The AI
now takes demonology into account, although I haven’t seen her use the phasing skill yet. She uses Ultimate Summon.

-Do not forget to replace the build folder if you want to have the new creature in the menagerie instead of the Efreet base, and replace the location file and the h7 configuration

– Bug fixed: Baal’s materialized ability was causing the game to crash (just replace the Hadess.upk file) Sorry for the inconvenience.


Update 1.4: coming soon

– Added new skin and anime of hellhound and cerberus
-Added new skin and animation of pit fiend and pit lord

– Added a new neutral champion unit: the Sylvan Queen
– Balancing: reduction of magog and devil on hold, need to see if it’s a bug, currently in the files: gold costs 12,000 for base and 15,000 for evolution.
Increased number of c

Baal summon oops: changed from 30 to 50

Fixed a bug: Baal’s abilities to summon and now limited to 1 time per fight

Conflict, Thieves Guild and Hellish Stable Correction: In some cases if the Hellish Stable was built before the guild will not work.

Conflict with the foundry which made the outer skin of the castle disappear. Changed the translation and added description creatures, but something is still missing, we’ll look at it.
Special thanks to Vexes for correcting the English translations and adding a description of the creatures
As well as Mr. Lordgraa for H6 resources and advice.

Update 1.5:
– Changed the screen resolution of the city.
-Added new skin and animation for the demon and the horned demon.

Update 1.6:

-Added new Magog and Magog Awakened skin
-Added new devil and archidiable skin and animation
-added new building icon
-Modification of the fate of demons and archidiables: Before: Damage equal to those
of the unit on 3 squares of length Now: damage fixed at 30 not modifiable
by attack or defense in a 6X3 zone
-The AI ​​now uses phase shift as well as ultimate summon (I had to add a 10 mana hit on the novice phase shift to make this possible and I also changed the root name of the spell, it may be that the translation is no longer functional)
-Bug fix: – One of the skills of lucifer’s talent wheel was locked: fixed
-The demon of the icon unit and the improvement of recruitment should remain on the old model: fixed
-The hero jedus_ou select to start a game caused the game to spit: fixed


patch 1.6 update:

New image of the hero Bellona added

Modification of the h7config and moritzbradtke bases in order to integrate the heroes

of the Ucp mod

The city screen tended to confuse the camera, fix a lighter visual enhancement, and add a bat …. (nothing else seems to work)


Fixed Moritzbradtke mod: (Only for players with moritzbradkte mod installed) put the heroes file back in My game / h7 / baked pc / editor / model.
Sorry for the inconvenience, it turns out that something between the ucp mod and Moritzbradkte is preventing the new heroes from working properly. :


Update 1.7:

-Added new icon and hero image
-Modification and correction of the SG_Hadess card (castle seat card, remember to replace it)
-Reduction in size of the castle tier 2 (test to see if more stable)


Update 1.8 :

-Seat wall correct and better visual of destruction
-Modification of the Archidiable skin (Refining the emissive)
-Fixed some build icon incorrectly positioned or not positioned
-Added the missing seat unit in the heropedia section
– English translation fix
-Change of the name of the hero lucifer, in order to better stick to the lord of the character.

-Added an AI file for UCP mod players: Behavior improvement (The AI ​​recruits less heroes at the start of the game and in general)


Update 1.9 :

-Added new heroes:

-Grok: Specialization: resurect Demon or Horned Demon if the stack is destroyed at 80% of the base stack

: Ability Grandmaster Demonology: Inflicts a powerful
attack in relation to the hero’s level and heal allies at
target contact.

: Attack on 3 diagonal squares

-Lillith: Specialization: Gives a 10 hp bonus to the succubus and
Lillimes, plus she always shoots at long range.

: Grandmaster monology ability: Summons a creature
Maw of hell the number varies depending on the power
hero’s magic

Maw of Hell: 1 hp per creature, hits a large area with damage in relation to the hero’s level.
Ability Maw of Hell:

Protector of Lillimes: Whenever Hellmaw creature takes damage heals for 1 hp per creature in the Lilimes and Succubus creature stack on the field.
Belliqueu Sacrifice: The creature sacrifices itself and grants the double shot ability to all Lilim or Succubus creatures on the field.

-Added a new neutral creature, replacing Lillime from the original game:

Nosferatu: Creature elite strong:
Ghostly Charge: Charge an unlimited distance, granting after the first attack 100% chance to dodge all attacks until end of turn.

Merciless Riposte: This creature always retaliates twice before being

-Adding and modifying different Grand Master Demonology abilities for each hero:

-Veyer: Summons an Abyssal Worm which has power and hp depending on the hero’s level
Abyssal Worm Ability: Heals adjacent allied units at the end of their turn and inflicts damage to the adjacent enemy units at the start of their turn.
-Jedusor: Demonic Wrath: 1 time per fight, Riddle can attack any terrain by inflicting its base damage and prevents any ranged enemy units from firing until the end of the turn

Bellona: Queen of Phase Shift: Gain a much more powerful third phase shift

-Added new artworks for Magog and Diable

-Added hero description in heropΓ©dya

Fixed power value between Effret and Abyss Lords, which was incorrectly positioned in the recruitment section

Baal Spirit Attack Changed: Hit at 10% of target stack / now hit damage based on hero level.

Correction of the phase invocation formulas: 1 = 100% of the stack /
0.5 = 50% of the stack 0.2 = 20% of the stack etc …

Modification of the starting units of certain heroes

Speciale Thanks to vexes for the work of translation, creation and donation of artworks as well as the creation of creature and hero description



-Anime Des hero rectify
-Icon hero and artworks rectify
-Translation rectify (Place the 2 files well for it to work)
-Lillithe talent wheel correct
-Changed demonic centaur base attack (test to see if this causes the unit to freeze)
Addition of the faceless unit, coming from the AC mod in neutral unit
Changed menagerie: they now contain more different creatures
-Added 2 new menagerie
Addition of 2 files to be placed with the hadess files:
Indeed the creatures of the xel and hades army were not generated on the random cards and most of the cards except exceptions, only the neutral creatures were. By placing its 2 files you will now have a much better chance of meeting the new units in site and object defense.
(Please tell me if it works well, with me it is ok)

attention after checking the files 0_Random crΓ©ature stack and h7random crΓ©aturestack ! : these files must be placed in the root file of the game, provide a copy of the original files, in case. :

migth an magic 7 root / mmh7game / cooked pc / editor / interactive_object / army / creature



Update 1.10:

-Added a new visual for the hades fort
-Real name added: Gates of Hell at Fort de l’hades
-New siege card for the fort of the hades (Only the door is left of the dungeon,Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β impossible to change it … sorry)
-Rectification of the sizes of all the castles
-Added scenario heroes from all factions

Thank you again for the support of vexes in my work and the work done on the site πŸ™‚


Reorganization of the files, now you can install the module to display the xel and hadess creatures without overwriting the game data (follow installation guide)
and gathering of files for ease of installation (modification made in the installation description.