Game:Heroes VII
Mod author:Valentine
Last updated:June 23, 2022 at 21:39
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The project it’s about merging moritz mod with 7.5 mod having at the base vanila Factions completly functional without extra creatures plus tones of new things !!

Heroes of Might and Magic Reworked 1.0

I recommend a reshade or a saturation mod because texture has been improved

A small typ when You are playing Sanctuary, Tower or Inferno and You wanna load make first quit to main menu then use load  because If You load direct in the game it will crash because of this 3 new townscreen texture same happens in original mod 7.5!!!!!

Also multiplayer works very good and stable Dungeon Lord tested allready!

Path to instal the mod C/My Documents/Might and Magic Heroes 7/Mmh7game and allways first delete If you have any mod installed allready, allways on a clean folder to be installed!!

Hello people i want to present a project that i have been worked for about 8 months after i left the development of the original mod 7,5 so here it is.

I will start with the begining changes made by me are in description down :
so i will start what the project conteins for the moment.

-Special buildings in towns are back and works like Artefact Recycle or black market or sacrifice for skeleton or idol of fertility etc
-A brand new skill system revisited and reworked having at the base Moritz ideea and slightly improved by me
-Removing of extra creatures elite and champions for a better dificulty and balanced gameplay
-every single racial faction now has some really awesome effects witch represent the faction it self
-removingof Arcane Knowledge witch will let the player lern spells like in prewious Heroes games
-increasing the damage and effects of all magic spells now magic it makes more sense
-Town building system have been revisited and simplified witch now mage guild,town inciome and fortification are now in 3 rows and don`t need anymore puting the player to search the buildings
-special buildings like artefacts buying sacrificing creatures for skeleton have been removed but i can put them back still to think because not very balanced considerate that other faction doesn`t have special buildings,we have tryed to do but the open window doesn`t work
-adding lots of new artefacts
-every faction have between 35-50 heroes also heroes from heroes 6 and 5 like Raelag for exemple or Cate etc.
-new dificulty for Heroes Nefarious level because i have noticed it brings much more challenge and it using more things
-Localization have been renamed for allmost all buildings renamed and creatures.
-the buildings witch you had to chouse between them are now all free to build , also after you build the first champion building the visual of tear of asha appear in the town i have customize like this in order to enjoy the beautiful townscreens!
-Some of the building visual from inferno have been rescaled smaller or bigger
-texture for Inferno and Frost have been reworked less red and blue monocrome color
-adding maniac and breeder to inferno army
-fortification army have been reworked and it represent exactly what fort/citadel/castle say!!
-new animation from moritz mod are there also for exemple Cuirassier or Emerald Dragon etc how played his mod knows
-creatures stats have been revisited thanks to MushyHusky for helped me with some advice here
-adding particle effects for some creatures for exemple pit lord breeder mounten striker,ice dragon,arch mage titan on the attack or abilites passive etc
-some visual of the spells have been scaled slightly
-the Fort and Castle neutral now will be defending from army compose from Core,Elite and Champion i remember in 7,5 i did only elite cuz i didn`t found a solution in this way
-almost all of the creatures have one or two new abilities not very much active abilities cuz in this way Ai will be more challenging on the battlefield
-I have started to rework all the skills from all Heroes cuz i noticed some of them only the specialization its difrent
-no cooldown for spells
-now every racial faction will give what the specific faction will need for exemple haven leadership,defense and they will develop in this way,inferno Luck and defense etc same i m planing to do for the fortification tower bonuses :X
-Creatures growth have been revisited now something similar to Heroes 3 system also for more army check skill diplomacy:)
-warfare units have been improved dmg/health depending on the level of it check skill system:)
-the new icons round for inferno will be replaced later there was just for testing to see how it looks like
at the end i wanna say that the project its similar to Heroes 3 formula!


-Maniac scaled a little bit more in combat map and adventure map

-improved visual texture of all creatures more detalied

-add a bonus for towers beside +5 attack and +15 defense now will be a bonus for Heroes also in the siege combat for exemple Haven +10 morale /sylvan archers full range and +10 luck to the hero but only in the siege i makes like this to give a boost to defensive site and sometimes lvl of AI hero it’s not și high so a little boost it’s allways welcome alsow the other Faction they have also a boost specific to the Faction it self

-every creatures have new abilities witch improved dificulty level of combat gameplay

Heroes of Might and Magic Reworked vers 1.11

-Add Sanctuary Faction from 7.5 mod for this all the credits to Sylen

-removed extra champion Poseidon from upgrades of elite strong

-removed elite extra Sanctuary they will be in Neutral more changes later

-upgrade Kappa Shoya fixed

-upgrade t4 Sanctuary fixed

Add new Celestial skin see If it please more plus a new ability there

-new titan skin improved vanila armore more detalied

-rakashaka upgrade texture improved more brightnes emissive

Justicar now t5 with a new ability Heroism



Heroes of Might and Magic Reworked vers 1.12

-Sanctuary Faction Reworked

-building system Reworked

-add 2 new buildings to the building system for balancing i did same for Inferno and Tower

-Sanctuary creatures rescaled

-sanctuary T1 stats improved the other creatures will be next later

-fortification army changed now core elite champion as the other Faction defending army

-t4 ability Sanctuary removed a new one will come later

-localization changed for Sanctuary buildings and some Sanctuary creatures

-t4 Sanctuary now it’s 1×1 before was 2×2

-add particles to Minotaur king mighty slash ability,Enraged Cyclop bloodlust ability and fiery eye impact particles

-add particles  to Black Dragon ability Blessing from mallasa

-add particles to Flame lord attack

-Add particles to dwarf golem ability iron curtain

-add particles to horned demon ability taunting pressence

-add particles to pit lord boundless hate

-add titan particles attack cast

-some creatures texture brightness a little bit down

-add particles mighty pressence ability mountein Striker

-add particles ice Dragon ability Dragonstorm

-add particles to ancient behemot enrage ability

Tear of Asha in Sanctuary Faction renamed and an icon will come later

-add particles spectral dragon ability and improved texture

-Add particles dread knight deadly Strike and movement kind


Heroes of MIght and Magic 7 Reworked vers 1.13

-town building system sanctuary prerequest buildings fixed for some

-t3 sanctuary naga obtain a new ability

-t4 sanctuary Ondine obtain  a new ability

-t5 Guardian sanctuary obtain a new ability

-t6 Kensei obtein a new ability

-t7 kirin and Unagi obtain a new ability

-t7 Unagi fixed damage school to water not might this because he has 2 abilitys now witch are making water dmg

-scaled some creatures from sanctuary on adventure maps they were to big and some to small i think same problem is in original mod 7.5:)

-scaled creatures sanctuary on the battlefield

-add sanctuary creatures to adventure maps defending all kind of stuffs before i didn`t saw no sanctuary creature


-All the creatures stats have been revisited same as vanila most of a part especially champion and this was made for all the factions tnx to Dungeon Lord for some typ

-fixed particle cyclop mele attack

-improved army in the fort and town sanctuary neutral

-corected all dwellings inclusiv sanctuary t7 kirin was giving ice dragon


Heroes of Might and Magic Reworked vers 1.14

-improved texture of upgraded Sanctuary creatures

-t2 wanizame now 20% heal from the ability

-nova arch mage now work on area 4×3 before was 6×6

-t2 wanizame obtain a new ability Shark Teeth

-implosion dmg inceeased and now doesn’t repetat just pull the creatures on 3 sqare

-shadow image fixed

-curative source ,healing freeze ,frost armor dmg and stats increase acording to the level

-increase dmg Storm Lord

-Increase dmg Frostbite

-new icons abilitys Sanctuary most of them

-t5 depth Guardian Sanctuary ability fixed and loca

-t7 Unagi ability loca corected

-add hydromantie and Cold blod to random Skill function

-ancient treant new ability Root in range makes more sense

-ability Unagi now water damage instead Might damage

-fixed external dwelling Unagi

-hidromantye racial loca corected

-improved new ability Kensei Battle ready and Challenge

-improved depth Guardian ability

-corected t5 wizard tuturor ability was showed 2 Times same ability fixed



Heroes of Might and Magic Reworked vers 1.15

-A coming back to the vanila basic building system , it seems that it brings more strategy

-Special buildings in the towns are back like Artifact Recycle ,Sacrifice for skeleton etc they work now Fixed.

-for the Factions how doesn’t have special buildings i have reduced the cost of some important buildings also Inferno and Tower allready have 2 new buildings as for Sanctuary i m planing to add 1 building later however i reduced the price of some buildings.

-bonus buildings in the towns are back however growth has been Reworked in order to balance the Factions taking in consideration the latest changes in the buildings system

Localization Reworked and fixed for building system

Localization for towers attack and in the buildings system are fixed and corected to the bonus that they gave to the creatures and Heroes

-vanila.models like disciple djin catalyst magma elemntal etc are back as i sayed a coming back to vanila also texture has been Reworked.

-medusa ability charming touch now it’s passive it’s activate on a critical strike

-a small improvments in the fortification army for all factions now you get what the towns need the most

-castle have been rescaled to vanila they where to big and it seems the surface was over the mines and resource în some maps

-after the modification it seems AI  it’s more solid and Challenging

-fixed loading problems in Sanctuary town was giving crash allways !

-some stats have been improved for the creatures tnx mushyhusky and for reporting the bugs!!

-new buff for towers sanctuary and loca fixed

-sanctuary fortification army reworked

-two new buildings in Sanctuary for fairnes as the other factiuon have special buildings now

-the castles that doesn`t have special buildings will have cost lower and for some creatures no need bonus buildings to get the complete growth!

-fix crash for sanctuary and Tower now very stable after you quit to main menu you can load your game!


Heroes of Might and Magic Reworked vers 1.16

-Fixing the loading problems

-add army in neutral buildings like Hunted ruins, Crusader commandary now a defensive army compose from 7 stack of creature more challenge and grows weekly

-add the 2 new buildings for Tower back found the solution to put them there

-fix loca t2 sanctuary

-add more diversity to Dragon Utopia and more army setup here surprise:)

-increase damage Magma Elemental

-increase damage magma elemental ability magma pond

-add a new ability to magma elemental

-ability poison arrow centaur marauder now it is passive it activates on critical hit and deal damage until combat ends also da damage increase with every turn

-army in the forts have been revisited for all castles it seams was to much army there to take the forts in the first 2 months also now the army will growth weakly

-add new animation Djin and Djin Catalyst

-add new animation Mage and Arch Mage

-Add new animation Kappa

-fix Mage and Archmage was causing game to stuck

-Purge is now casting on 3×3 when achieve Master of Darkness II


Heroes of Might and Magic Reworked vers 1.17

-add reward to the new setup army of dragon utopia

+Add runic box random army but from same Faction + random reward

– for runic box i added over 40 posibilities of random rewards including artefacts

-setup new lvl of dificulty for Sanctuary Heroes

-reduced particles behemot abilitys

-change perfect bubble now +5 luck and +2 defense

-change loca purge 3×3 when upgrade

-add back the full View of town when people build one of the Champion to enjoy townscreen

-reduced army for abandoned mine was to Hard now lower and growth in time

-reduced army for dwarven tresury same growth weekly

-add Inferno Sanctuary and Tower to prison army neutral building

-add Inferno Sanctuary and Tower to runic box army random

-creatures cost reduced slighlty in town mushy told are to expensive

-localization corected here and there where need

-reduced the chance of bubble activation to 20/40/60 %

-fix pit fiend attack range

-adding Tome of air water Earth etc like in Heroes 3

-change icon manticore bonus building and dread knight


Heroes of Might and Magic 7 Reworked vers 1.18

– mod has been reduced with 2gb the Rar archive

-fix Ai developing town building

-fix Rmg was causing crash still some problema on 300×300 more test need

-fix spell curative source now works corespondent to water Skill

-fix a bonus building in sylvan town tnx Mushyhusky for reporting

-improving warfareunits Inferno

-improving warfareunits Tower

-improving warfareunits Sanctuary also scaled the bullet particles

-corecting loca frost armor and reduced the defense bonus

-change the function of blizzard now will work like this unskiled novice expert master -1/-2/-3/-4 and -10 inițiative  on 6×6 area only leve master

-increase dmg Armagedon but reduce dmg a0e

-add academy Heroes to Nefarious lvl

-add efreet sultan to neutral also scaled and without fire particles much better

-ability oak dryad renewal fixed tnx mushyhusky for report

-town names fixed

-more polish here and there


Heroes of Might and Magic 7 Reworked vers 1.19

-change an ability from denky unagi now pasive

-fixing a bonus tower hp in sanctuary town defending

-natures luck fixed creatures didn`t attack critical on 3 marks

-random sanctuary added

-random towns for the 3 new towns have been renamed now originals

-2 new ability for naga ryoshi now more deadly on battlefield

-1 new ability to water elemental

-1 new abilityu to astrix

-change ability God Intervention now will be cast on celestial and seraphs because i wanned to improve more the angels they need top be more powerful then the devil and pit lord

-add particles to god Intervention something cool

-scaled celestial and seraph slighlty

-reduce ghost dragon damage and cost recruitment slightly

-increase damage fiery eye enraged cyclop

-increase regen wyvern monarch

-add flanking damage to all dragons back

-increase cone leght of soul flying breath by 6

-repair ghost/spectre ability was wrong

-improve ability spectre

-1 new awesome ability for Spectre Immortal souls

-medusa queen increase hp by 37

-add particle sacred kirin attack breath

-add new ability blackbear attacking from the back will increase damage by 50% duller claws

-reduce icy drain duration by 2 turns was to op

-change skill perfect offense and perfect defense now they will give and reduce bonus flanking damage by 10% more !

-increase duration of Flawless Assault minotaur king !

-More polish here and there


Heroes of Might and Magic 7 Reworked vers 1.20

-1 new ability  marksman Accelerated percepțion

-1 new ability abbot aura of resurection

-1 new ability grand elf  (Elves Arrows)

-1 new ability war unicorn purity

-1 new ability  djin channler Prime Shield

–1 new ability shieldguard

-2 new ability kobold pathfinder

-rename ability magma elemental  to Iron Skin

-1 new ability shade coming from the back

-new icon ability tracker hiding

-1 new ability lacerator icon loca plus particles One Blow something cool

-1 new ability Pit lord Marked by the Demon active  ability something  cool

-pit lord now teleporting something like in Heroes 6 but more awesome only the upgrade

-add particles to pit lord teleportation

-1 new ability  active Archdevil Unpredictable Strike

-1 new ability  t1 frost North Shield

-1 new ability  kashatrya Khali

-1 new ability  sacred Kirin  Coupe de Grace

-1 new ability gnoll hunter Trapped

-sun deer new ability sun light!

-fix ability wanizame sanctuary

-new ability cerberus Voracious

-neutral creatures  gain some abilitys  i will work more there in the future

-repairing special building fortress  Richness under the Mountain to melting resources

-fix localization Horned demon ability  Unstopable Charge

-rename Arch devil i think corect is Archdevil !?

-reduce chance of ability naga ryoshi by 30% i will think about the other abilitys later

-reduce kashatrya khali ability by 5/10/15

-reduce healing oak dryad was to op

-improve celestial model now better visual

-add haven heroes  to Nefarious level

-improvize some abilitys particles effects

-more polish here and there

-reduce cabir master to 2 HP healing

-change fury attack ability now reduce inițiative and movement.

-new particles Celestial



Heroes of Might and Magic 7 Reworked vers 1.21

-horned demon reduce bonus damge for taunting pressence to +2

-pit lord ability Burn with Anger nerfed

-dwarf reduce now only 15% from the damage dealt to friendly creatures

-naga ryoshi change abilitys patryfication  to much incapacitated

-initiativ shade increase slightly

-death spider remove an ability a new one come’s later

-demonology summon increased slighlty

-add 25 new Heroes

-corecting loca Sun light

-simurgh magic immunity now last for 1 turn

-cerberus reduce ability voracious to +1 damage bonus but only for Archdevil and pit lord

-change abilitys kobold pathfinder the old ones was to Op and the new ones are unique will bring strategy

-adding a Skill wheel diversity for Haven Heroes

-adding a Skill wheel diversity for Academy Heroes

-adding a Skill wheel diversity for Sylvan Heroes now the player won’t need anymore to play random i will do other Factions to but in time it’s a boring work💪🤣

-Add Heroes sylvan dungeon stronghold to nefarious dificulty customization plus prefered role diversity

-add all Artefacts from Heroes 6 💪

-Add 8 sets of Artefacts

-improve celestial visual particles

-1 new ability justicar Rushing

-1 new ability blade master whirling Shout

-1 new ability Lamasu Volatile

-1 new ability Chtonian Solid like a Stone

-1 new ability Wyvern Venomuos Bite

-1 new ability Einherjar Smashing Armour

-change some Inferno Icons

-improve visual pit fiend same as pit lord forgot to do in the last update

-more polish here and there loca visual etc


Heroes of Might and Magic 7 Reworked vers 1.22

-Add Inferno Heroes to Skill wheel diversity now the player won’t need to play random Skill for diversity next Faction Dungeon and Stronghold will be next as i told i will do 2 Faction per update

-add Inferno Heroes to Nefarious lvl dificulty+ prefered role

-repairing 5 new Inferno Heroes witch they where givin crash !

-add 3 new Inferno Heroes

-repairing 5 new Dungeon Heroes they also gave crash

-ability blade master has been changed now it’s a passive one with diferent function

-1 more ability to Battle dwarf something Nice

-ability dwarf strong breastplate now reduce only 5% from the dmg that your Ally takes

-unicorn ability now will reduce -20 morale and -20 luck to enemy that attack this creature

-pit lord ability blinded by rage reduce movement bonus to 1

-skeleton hoplites ability resurection now 50% before was 70%

-add awesome particles to immortals souls ability spectre

-organise abilitys from vamprie lord now better visual

-wyvern monarch the new ability has been changed Claw Retraction

1 new ability Ancient behemot Might over Magic + visual effects

-Enraged cyclop ability Bloodlust add visual particles

Sweepingbash ability cyclop add particles to

-kobold ability now increase inițiative by +2 when is hited

-reduce t5 wizard master icicles damage slightly

-add particles effect to t6 Sanctuary ability Battle ready

-reduce bonus from challenge ability for t6 Sanctuary also by 5%

-t7 Sanctuary now Air damage this because of his ability also added new particles to grudge ability something cool

T2 Sanctuary now deal Might damage before was water damage don’t understand why no ability water

Modifications in the mage guild Sanctuary now this Faction has Air prefered i would like something diferent, other Faction allready tower has water more improvments in this direction later

-storm arrows now it’s T1 spell

Time control now will make changes only to inițiative not anymore to movement effect this because of Bug creating to unfetered ability

-lightinng burst also T1 spell

-stunning paralyzed t3 Sanctuary was affecting also unfetered ability now Fixed!

-Reduce brightness of some creatures texture now more details on them especialy on Haven creatures

-sclae a little bit pit lord and archdevil

-increase Speed archdevil and overall

Add counterstrike new particles

Add charge new particles also more proper

-reduce a little bit Minotaur initiative

-change name of one ability unicorn

-reduce the XP requierd for lvling this will improved AI to make faster and biger lvl was allways a problem with low lvl Heroes AI i even talked with mushyhusky how can we give a burst to AI lvl so i think this will work

More polish  visuals etc localization


Heroes of Might and Magic 7 Reworked vers 1.23

-so after i lose 2 days i managed to fixing Alt Tab crash problems

-managed to fix loading crash  but still some problems some times on autosave but if you save your game manually the load will work 100% even if the game throw you out from the game,you go again in the game load will wotk i tested all 3 new factions

-fixing an ability on Behemot

-fixing warcries skills

-fixing Ardent Caster skill from fire magic skill tree

change t4 sanctuary now its a range air damage units with 2 new abilitys something cool

-fixing 5 heroes witch the could posibly gave crash sometime they where having creatures at the start witch are not in the game

-fixing RMG now i tested today a map from 200×200 4 months not even one crash and i had 4 factions 2 towers 1 inferno 1 sanctuary i will do more tests in this directions later

-improve visual sanctuary faction overall

-fixing spell ylathas clairvoyance now lvl 1

-add missing neutral creatures this could trigger also a crash

more polish visual localization etc


Heroes of Might and Magic 7_V.M Reworked vers 1.24

-add Dungeon Heroes to Skill wheel diversity now You will have all kind of Heroes Air fire ofense etc

-add Necropolis Heroes to Skill wheel diversity

-add magic school damage diversity for Haven Academy Necropolis Dungeon Inferno Sylvan

-with diese changes for the Heroes i also fixed more Heroes witch they had wrong Magic school and delete some equipaments inventory still some need to be corect but in time

-fix an ability from unicorn

-fix an ability from blade master

-Rebalanced some abilities stats duration etc

-change ability of Mother breeder something similar to Heroes 6

-add 4 new Heroes with also skill wheel diversity

-reduce dmg lamasu aura of pestilence to 8

-Add particles simurgh magic absorbtion

So i decided to give credit to user MuskyHusky witch he also play this mod and suport me with ideas bug reporting and many others things and he was the man how motivated me to do this that`s why i renamed it to V.M  Thanks very much