Guides: HoMM 2 Cheats

These cheats do not necessarily work with all the versions of the game (eg. GOG).

Type the codes in the adventure screen to trigger cheat function. Use the top row number keys.

911 Win level (GOG confirmed)
1313 Lose level (GOG confirmed)
1911 Final campaign scenario
8675309 Reveal minimap (GOG confirmed)
101495 Reveal treasure map
123456789 Add luck to selected hero
101111 Add Gold
899101 Add Gems
844691 Add Ore
844690 Add Crystals
1134 Add 100 Titans to a hero.
1135 Add 100 Arch Mages to a hero.
1136 Add 100 Steel Golems to a hero.
1137 Add 100 Rocks to a hero.
1138 Add 100 Halflings to a hero.
32167 Add 5 Black Dragons to a hero. (GOG confirmed)

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