Game:Heroes VII
Map author:Dogtown1
Added:November 8, 2015
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Players:3 players (1 human)3 players (1 human)3 players (1 human)
Map type:Scenario
Victory condition:Standard
Custom modifications:

first try at a scenario map, hope you like it

the AI is not real aggressive, so if you want to turn up Theodorus and Asad to “hard” it will give you more of a challenge

the ashland has 2 combat maps in the default game, both were surrounded by lava and one had screen shake
I found the screen shake annoying and the map has very little lava so it just did not feel right, so I made my own combat maps
I tried to create the new combat maps to look like the area the combat was taking place, there are now 9 combat maps including 1 new one for the underground
its a scenario where you play as Necromancer Vein after he is ressurected by the necromancers, 2 mages come after him again seeking his head
theres a few quests and pop up dialog as Vein travels about gathering troops to battle the mages
there are a few suprises in his travel

drop the 2 folders here

“\Documents\My Games\Might & Magic Heroes VII\MMH7Game\CustomMaps”