Game:Heroes VII
Mod author:Slyen
Last updated:July 1, 2021 at 20:29
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Heroes of Might and Magic 7,5 S.V.P

Welcome: Mod hades extra evolves and changes skin, you can place this file as an extra mod update!
So guys, after over 4 months we have been working, revisiting and testing this project and implementing some new features to give the community a little smile!
Don’t forget the project that it is still in development and that we want to bring to the battlefield for the moment Frost Army and of course many more contain !!!

The mod contains the following implementations:

-New additional creatures which means that each faction will have 1 strong elite and 1 strong champion and it is possible to have them by sacrificing other creatures after building the necessary buildings !!
-New battle cards
-New 4kTexture implemented
-New creature abilities for all Elite Strong from Vanila Breast, Rakashaka etc …
-New creature abilities for additional Elite and Champions
-New Inferno Townscreen fresh revisited
-New translation for Inferno Buildings over 18 new names
-New slightly improved effects for spells
-New story heroes
-New artifacts from Lost Tales
-New difficulty system which means only custom difficulty is reversed Easy, it’s heroic, Normal, it’s hard, etc. (beginning of resources, neutral growth and neutral start)
-New fortification system for defense strategy
-New “Growth Enhancher” building to improve base and elite growth by 20%!
-New defense towers bonus

At the moment, we are working on Frost Faction which will contain a huge city screen and 16 new creatures, a new racial faction and over 30 abilities.

Also, as with any mod project, we are expecting a few minor bugs, so please report any issues you are having with the mod to us !!

Instalation : Paste folder “Cooked pc” and “Localisation” in :

My document / my games/heroes migth and magic7 /Hmm7


Mod translated to:
English / French / Polish / Czech / Russian

To follow the developmentย  :

Link hades Faction :ย  ย

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