Game:Heroes VII
Mod author:Slyen
Last updated:April 21, 2021 at 22:37
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This MoD continues the changes made by hades Mod, but with more far-reaching changes that also impact other factions, combat maps, and the city’s defense system.

It is necessary to have the mod ucp, Shadow of Ashan and hades_mods for the proper functioning of this content.

For the installation I invite you to consult the installation of hades_mod of base, this mod is only an update of the base file with other modifications.


Update 1.0:

-Added the following creatures:

Academy Champion: Guardian Shantiri

Champion Haven: Divine Priestess

Strong champion: Berseker

Mighty Elite Dungeon: Flageler

You will now be able to encote his creatures on the maps for combat

-Added new combat map for lava environments

-Removed a combat card that did not match the lava ground environment

-Fixed the size of some evolving creatures:

(Vampir / Gargoyle / cabir / patriarch / centaur_marauder / dryad / sundear / medusa_sorcellesse / Djin)

Special thanks to dogtown1 for donating fight cards!



Update 1.1:

-Added new creature, you will be able to meet them on the battlefield in object or site defense:

-Dark Lord: Champion Creature: Necropolis Faction

-Original Vampire: Powerful elite creature: Necropolis

-Added new underground and lava type combat map.

-Added 2 old Desert map, reworked and improved by Mr Paul Calancea.

-Added missing translations

Modification of the income in gold for L IA: The income in gold was increased in all difficulties

Changed Divine Priestess (Champion Harbor, and downgrade to Power Elite with some stat adjustment for the occasion

-Correction of Bellona’s talents: Conflict between demonology and skill Defense, in normal times the heroes of the hades do not have skill defense for this reason, so this one was replaced by paragons grand master.

Correction (in test) of horned demons, so that they advance normally on all combat maps

Thank you to the team who support me, and help me work on this mod:
Vexes, Paul Calencea, Valentin and dogtown1 for the contribution of new fight card.


Update 1.14:

-Added new creature:

-Matriache Runic: Elite powerful Fortress

-Archangel Champion Haven

Added new battle card and reworked battle card

-Modification of castle size: Necropole and Stronghold

-New creature size adjustment and combat camera

-Added a new visual for exterior houses

-Fixed icon on hero hades flag and spin wheel
Added new highlighted icon under heroes and hades units of the inferno h5 theme

-Description corrected: Ravaging Unit’s enraged buff

Description correct of matriarch; elemental boost

-Modification of the war unit:
The animation is now much faster and the damage effect has been amplified

-Package modification: To facilitate compatibility with future scale mods, the visuals have been separated into another pack.

Special thank you to all the team who follow me and help me every day!


Important message !!!

The hades_extra mod will be temporarily withdrawn, a big update is coming, with this one the name of the mod will change:

The next update will bring a new system to recruit new creatures

A new system for outdoor homes

a new setting for the maps generated randomly

New difficulty criteria revised upwards for more challenge.

new spell and skill, reworked for use by AI and largely created by Moritzbradke

New combat card from the vanilla game which was not available and new combat card created by Mr Paul Calenza

New 4k texture remastered by Mr Paul Calenza.

The mod will change its name in view of its changes and its future projects.
After blowing hot on ashan, a great cold will fall on that if with the preparation of the faction of ice, inspired by the faction of the tower of heroes 3.

I will come back in more detail to the changes and new creatures, which are currently in test and balance.

We will soon find ourselves on the battlefield.