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Mod author:Slyen
Last updated:December 18, 2021 at 20:43
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Heroes of Might and Magic 7,5 S.V.P

Welcome: Mod hades extra evolves and changes skin, you can place this file as an extra mod update!
So guys, after over 4 months we have been working, revisiting and testing this project and implementing some new features to give the community a little smile!
Don’t forget the project that it is still in development and that we want to bring to the battlefield for the moment Frost Army and of course many more contain !!!

The mod contains the following implementations:

-New additional creatures which means that each faction will have 1 strong elite and 1 strong champion and it is possible to have them by sacrificing other creatures after building the necessary buildings !!
-New battle cards
-New 4kTexture implemented
-New creature abilities for all Elite Strong from Vanila Breast, Rakashaka etc …
-New creature abilities for additional Elite and Champions
-New Inferno Townscreen fresh revisited
-New translation for Inferno Buildings over 18 new names
-New slightly improved effects for spells
-New story heroes
-New artifacts from Lost Tales
-New difficulty system which means only custom difficulty is reversed Easy, it’s heroic, Normal, it’s hard, etc. (beginning of resources, neutral growth and neutral start)
-New fortification system for defense strategy
-New “Growth Enhancher” building to improve base and elite growth by 20%!
-New defense towers bonus

At the moment, we are working on Frost Faction which will contain a huge city screen and 16 new creatures, a new racial faction and over 30 abilities.

Also, as with any mod project, we are expecting a few minor bugs, so please report any issues you are having with the mod to us !!

Instalation : Paste folder “Cooked pc” and “Localisation” in :

My document / my games/heroes migth and magic7 /Hmm7


Mod translated to:
English / French / Polish / Czech / Russian

To follow the development  :

Link hades Faction :

Support :


Take advantage of S.V.P



Update 1.2 version:

Addition of the Tower faction:

18 new unit
New Racial Branch: Cold Blood
3 new hero
New castle
New city screen

Make comments !! good game and enjoy !!


Update 1.3 version ( beta )


update 1.3

Changed the special damage of 3rd party creatures 2 (ice arrow) the game reads special damage instead of base damage and this confuses / now additional damage inflicted if enemies and freeze sound similar to base damage

Habitation lv1 give access to the creature of third parties1 evolve: fix

Changed graam’s specialization (for the same reason as tier2, and removed false death effect from creatures hit) / now graam debuffs the creature, dealing its base damage for 2 turns if the target is frozen

Expert blood skill nerf: The Froststorm active ability gave the hero 50% to freeze all enemies whenever he dealt damage (this effect was not wanted) but I kept it and reduced it to 10% chance.

Nerve of the frozen state / now frozen enemies have a 50% chance to break out of the freeze at the end of each round

Nerve of the skill master blood skill: creatures can freeze the enemy when he strikes: value before: 10/20/30% chance. new value: 5/10/15% chance of freezing

Adding names for the frost castles

Changed the description of slyen hero and nerf to the number of additional creatures generated each week: now: Increases the production of the castle and the dwellings outside the third creature 1 by +6

Added missing sound for Frost Wolf mount movement animation

Fixed the resource produced by bonus building in the castle: before ore / now wood

Fixed in heropédya the catapult (troll) was in sylvan faction

Modification of the Tower faction emblem in the faction selection and on the heroes description

Fixed a text of the frost dragon ability (before “gives -2 movement to target enemies” actually, this ability freezes the hero for 3 turns (I have it as it is for now). , but this ability will be nerfed)

Reduced damage inflicted by the 2 ancestral dragon abilities

Removed the infernal centaur from the hero baal

Creation of a model (djinn channeler) for the hero academy khalida

Adjustment of the visuals (size) of the Tower army and heroes

Reduction of the file size for graphics (thank you to Paul, we are saving a few gigats)

Modification and improvement of certain combat cards (this makes it less time to load cards)

New AI tuning and adventure in the hope of removing the hades hero lv 999 bug (Thank you valentine for the patient and the time to tear your eyes off haha)

New arrangement and correction of translations (thank you Vexes!)

That’s all for the moment ! Good hero game!


Urgent patch correctif , sorry for the disagreement.



Update 1.4 :

Hades demonology reviewed and fixed

New scale for invocation:

No longer takes magic power into account:
Each ring increases the phase shift power
Beginner 5%
Expert 15%
Master 25%

The heroes on a present all the same branch
5 progression class on was created
Certain ultimate become specializations.

The new heroes we presented the demonology branch, a hades skin and the specializations we were modified to better stick to the faction and their role

The new heroes of art and new icon corresponding to the hades faction

Various fixes on Frost faction

Price of some buildings and creatures
(A more detailed adjustment will be made in the next update by Valentin).

Magic dome animation set, it appears more than once.

T2 creature power modification (archer) base gains 1 minimum damage
Evolving gains 1 damage maximum.
Number of creature t2 produced increase to 14 per week instead of 10

Changed the ability t3 Ice Shard, can now be ranged once per fight to make it more attractive.

Elite extra beast: this causes the cooling ability to present damage on activation debuff to all units (this creature was a little weak for an extra powerful elite)

Dragon Frost gains +1 movement in its stats.

Animation of Frost bird die was missing: fix.

Added Castle Name: Nordic rpg town name inspirer.

Fixed Frost fort (name and icon)

Addition and correction of some icons

Following many requests and also the faction was very unbalanced and not functional to use with the AI, this faction is withdrawn from the game. But giving them remains presented because visual elements of the mod (h6 choose are used)
When all is finished I will propose an alternative h7 config for those who wish to keep them. But only the mod end.)


Reduced healing of god of ice ultimate ability (approximately 30% less healing)

Fixed frozen debuff: freezing units sometimes moving (test to do)

Reduced the damage of the rune god ability (approx. 50%). The ability becomes usable all the time (2 times per combat before)

Archangel Fix: His attack still shows no retaliation even if the creature retaliates.

Added the djinn chaneler hero academy skin. (this time it’s good haha)

Slightly increased ranged attacks 5% for long range / 10% for short and cover reduced damage 65% instead of 75%.

Added missing animation for hit warfare Frost.

Fixed death animation of t4 and t6. I had to adjust so that the corp disappears. The problem is, when the Phoenix resurrected, the creature disappeared anyway.

The Horsemen Frost t6 was destroying the castle gates when he succeeded them, fixer.

Added particle for Frost defense tower attack.

Changing skin colors and adding devil particle

Adding particle for pit lord

Removed extra creatures from outside dwellings. This throws off balance too much at the start of the game.



Added new defense for neutral / castle / garrison elements

Modification and improvement of the defense and rewards of random bonus buildings (haunted mine / dwarf treasurer etc.)
Changed random creature pack spawns on maps for more diversity

Replaced demonic centaur with fallen angel in champion extra hades.
Centaur becomes neutral and joins the menagerie.

Creation of 2 new menagerie (for card generates random only)

Fixed various Frost minor bugs.

Adjusted certain visual effect

Modification and balancing for Frost:
Creature t4 base stat decrease and price decrease: This creature was way too powerful in terms of deal damage.

T3 and t4 can now use their ability remotely (having to be in melee causes bugs and the AI ​​spending its time in defense)

New decrease in Grandmaster skill Frost

The Frost warfare unit expert skill (100% freeze) changes to 50% freeze.

Added a new sandaphon haven hero skin.

Changed wall of fire spell: becomes trapped in fire: lasts 1 turn: inflicts damage in 2×2 area on impact and on creature s turn, then reduces target’s movement to 0 .

Changes effeet fonction skill : now, the infernal rune is launched at the start of combat automatically.(modifié)


Update 1.6 version

A new ability has been created to prevent Heroes of Hell from using light magic, even if spells are learned.
The mantle of fire creates a 100,000 dmg bug,
Hades Cloak Change: No longer reflects damage but increases army HP by 20% as a buff (can be disabled)

Added 3 new hero frost

Modification and improvement of rmg

various visual corrections

Hero Fixed Creature Starting Units:

all wolves are replaced by griffins

elimination of the remaining neutral xel

removed unusable quest artifacts

Price change and growth of legendary creatures (pending, we do not agree on this option)

Fixed the location of some abilities, etc.7

Image correction of the hero rashaka

Added the unicorn as an additional Sylvan Elite, replaces the tiger which becomes a neutral creature

Fixed Grandmaster fire skill bug, now summoning creatures no longer benefit from buffs.



Update 1.7:

New skin for cerberus

New Attack Skill, Now Brain Lv2 Cone Attack

Organizational change, given the size and skin of Cerbere, it becomes powerful tier3 core instead of Lillime

Adjusted cerberus and lillime stats

Lillime Like evolving, she now gains a bounce effect on her ranged ability (like heroes 5)

Added new hero hades sarah

Added 3 new hero frost: Lily rose / Fiur / Chairtmin

Townscreen hades to change “again”, it is being rewritten, it will be modified again, we are trying to have the best possible rendering

Various visual modification

Fixed and changed the icon of angel fallen, it will cause a critical crash

Titan normal attack, fixed as well.

Archangel re_worked. Hero and champion extra. (modifié)


Patch correctif for unicorn and crussader haven upregate on archangel works



update 1.8:

Added new skin for devil and devil arch

Fixed skin for Abyssal Worm

Bug fix:

Abyss Shield: fixed

Lillime attack: fix

Haven rider can now evolve correctly towards archangel

Hero Hades Raska Image Correction

added hero image for Khalida and Solmyr

Fixed Devil Skills: Now correctly inflicts damage on any unit around him.

Now correctly places burning on a critical hit.

Correction of the localization for extra building elite hades

localization correction for archi devil competence



NOTE update 1.9:


Added new skin for:

Champions extra bastion (old is berseker)

Extra necropolis champion

Elite mighty hades

Elite Mighty Frost

Elite Mighty Academy

Visual correction:

Fallen Angel hades: modified particle effects
Pit Lord: modified particle effects
Added visual critical strike distance

Hells dog added critical strike visual

Now Sarah the hero no longer plays the wave of flame with each spell etc.

Accelerated Jedusor hero enabled animation for spellcasting

Modification of ability:

Polar Bears, can no longer cast his ability from a distance, only in contact, now targets all enemies around him.

Ability of Abyssal worms was considered poison, and inflict no damage on undead. Now he also inflicted on the undead.

Lilime still inflicts no damage …. this time it’s fixing.

Reduced particle effects for t6 tower creature and hero using skin

(name corrections for new creatures will come later)

Added new water spell:

Frost Lance: Inflicted damage in a 3 square line and has a 30% chance to freeze. Evolves with master level ability Water: 60% chance to freeze.

Healing Freeze: The target creature suffers slight damage and can no longer receive heals or heal itself, the number of turns and defined by magic power: minimum 1 turn / max 5 turns.

Frost Armor:
The target creature gains + X defense, freezes the creature that attacks it. Evolves with the magic rank of water master: zone of 4 × 4 (modifié)



Update 1.10:

Fixed loading bug

Addition of the 3rd spell water ice lance

Various visual modification and correction

Fortification power value modification

Correction of several heroes (no army or full equipment)



Update not 1.11 :

Update, focus on artifacts: Some artifact was too powerful for the rarity level, so I have them: either move to relic or nerf: Armor of chaos : Now Relic
Ax of legend: now relic
Adamantine armor: gives 15 defense and not 25
Harmonic chainmail: now gives 8 defense

Elemental rings: becomes a relic: sound
Power was too strong to be a major artifact.

Tiger helm and tiger armor are now a set: 2 given item + 4 defense
Set of Upgraded Dragon Artifacts:

Removed coats from the set
(sylvanna / shalassa etc)
Modification of the fire mantle: becomes relic and protected by 50% instead of 30%

Dragon helmet creation
Dragon leg warmer
Dragon ring

Improvement of the set:

2 piece +3 magic
4 piece: +3 spirit
6 piece: +5 defense and attack
8 piece: gives passive dragon strike to the hero: inflicts damage according to the hero’s level when attacking. (modifié)

Creation of 8 new artifacts:

Gaya armor

Helm of Gaya: head: +5 magic +5 spirit

Gaya’s Epaulet: Shoulder: Reduced the gold cost for the hero’s army retreat by 50%
+2 magic / Each time the hero casts a positive spell: inflicts 100 to 150 damage to all enemies.

Gaya’s Armband:
+3 spirit / + 50 max mana
Each time the hero casts a positive spell: the hero gains +1 in attack and defense.

Baton de Gaya: +6 attack and defense
Extends positive effects by +2 turn.

Gaya brooch: main off: + 10 luck and + 25% experience gain


Gaya’s Leggings: Leg: Reduces the mana cost of spells cast by 10%
Magic +2
Increase base creature moivity by +2

Gaya’s Breastplate: Torso: Reduces the mana cost of spells cast by 10%
Increases Mana Regeneration by 5
Elite creatures gain +8 attack

Amulet of Gaya: neck:
+3 magic / +20 moral
Champion creature add 30% hp

Bonus set :

2 part : +4 magic
4part : +4 spirit
6part : +10 destin / +25%gain xp
8part : give ability :
On the combat start : cast regeneration for all unit allied


Note 1.12 update

Added 3 new hero towers:


Added a new spell: vampirism:

The creature heals itself when it deals damage based on the hero’s magical power. Evolves if dark master learned: targets a 6 × 6 area

Modification for spells:

Tsunami / poison cloud / solar eclipse

Become usable only once per turn.

Skin modification for creature:

T1 / T2 / T7 striker -Destroyer

We decided to remove the models belonging to lol for his creatures because he had a bad resolution and it displeased a lot.

Skin modification for Archangel

Hades town screen has still been reworked

Improved particle ability t7 striker and destroyer.

Fixed ability t1 tooltip

Fixed remote attack: now 6 × 6 area

Fixed several icon causing a visual warping bug.


patch update to 1.12 for the morale bug some people are experiencing:

with this an improved rmg:

Now the cards generate have runic boxes

the generated cards have 2 additional menagerie

the maps generate a choice of 11 zones which diversify the zones, more chance of having neutral castles even on small maps.

one of the zones contains the boss building allowing you a difficult challenge against an overpowered creature requiring a particular strategy to be defeated.

This last point is still under development, I will improve it later in terms of reward and balancing.

I will explain the strategy to you later to give you an idea.

More bosses will appear later.

Also I will create when its modifications are finished a selection of generated and cooked map in order to make you enjoy this content with the best possible experience. I will create a separate mod pack for its maps.


update 1.13 note

Bug fix:

Ally Creature Shield t1 cause movement bug: fix
Now AI is using itself.

Magic Dome of t5 cause morale bug: fix
Now dome can be activated, protects them from all source dmg. only mage and guardian mage can be targeted until end of turn.
Heals mage lightly.

Now t5 IA uses avalanche

Now unicorn AI is using regeneration

Changed the ability of frost elite:

Now inflicts damage at a lower rate: until the end of the fight if the enemies are debuffed by cooling: and if it performs a critical hit, it suffers damage.

Now rashaka IA uses his new skill

Now Basilica Lancer AI is using his new skill

Now Battleship Haven IA is using her new skill.

Now: Runic Patriarch IA uses skill

Now vampire Lord IA uses his skill.

Balance of prettiness: the damage to the ability on was reduced

Balancing ability t7: Now no longer hits adjacent units of the target.

Spawning neutral creature fix , it still happened that certain buildings were not protected
Now Champion berseker stronghold IA uses his ability

Now Garuga Elite Stronghold Champion IA is using his skill

Improved various ability icon (modifié)

New Boss: Dark Deese: She can now spawn in the new building (50% chance and 50% chance for God Shantiri)

8 New Artifact: Frost Armor Set:

Frost Helmet: +4 attack / +4 defense / +5 luck
Frost Amulet:
+ 10% XP / +5 morale / +3 luck
Water element creatures increase by 10% hp
Frost Breastplate:
+3 attack / + 3 defense / +3 luck
+5 damage per level
Allied creatures freeze their target when they critically hit
Frost Boots:
+5 move hero
+ 15% xp bonus
+5 luck
Increases the movement of water element creatures by 2
Frost Stone:
+15 morale
+5 ally creature initiative
+5 spirit
+5 XP bonus
Frost Sword:
+6 attack
+5 luck
Increases positive effects by 1
+5 damage per hero level
When the allies critically hit 10hp per hero lv
Glove of Frost:
+5 attack
+5 defense
+3 luck
+15 xp bonus
Cloak of Frost:
+8 defense
+ 5% xp bonus
+3 luck

Set bonus:

2 piece: +2 strength
4 piece: Grants water immunity ability to allied creatures
6 piece: + 25% xp bonus
+10 luck
8 piece: At the start of the fight gives frost armor to allies


update 1.14 note

Added a new boss and a new building to a new area

New boss fight map

Addition of a new fire sorting:
Torment: Reduces target’s chance to 0 for 2 turns
Evolves if fire ability lv3: reduces the chance to -25 for 4 turns.

Correction of some translation

Celestial armor correction: now the 3 * 3 zone works for the light row capacity 2

Correction of arrow storm: now gives the shot full carry.

Fixed city music: City sounds no longer worked: fix

Divers visual correction icon (t4 / angel)

Fort Modification and Correction: Fort conquered and reconstructed, are a gift from the player’s faction and creature from the player’s faction.

Modification of visual building bosses, change of spawning operation.
Modification of boss rewards
Now gives a full set of armor, gold, and a unique scroll to summon the boss once in the game.
Increased bosses’ hp ./ creatures with bosses
(the bosses are still in the test phase and will certainly change in terms of power or capacity depending on the feedback)

Ability t7 did no damage: fixer

Improved Haven, Sylvan, Dungeon, Necropolis, Fortress and Academy city building screen (now Mighty Elite building requires lv4 magic guild

Catapult Tower: added missing hit animation and
modification of the projectile visual

.Catapult tower fix: Adding addicting hit animation, modifying and adjusting the shooting visual.


Now shantiri god deals damage to her curse ability


Update 1.15 note:

Added new vanilla combat map: 20 vanilla map and 4 map created by me add to the skirmish map and generated map.

New battle map for necromancer boss building

New skin for:

Champion unit extra haven and sylvan
Elite extra unit Dungeon and fortress

Neutral unit diablo and Pantheon Sylvan

Added an alternate between griffin and wolf for haven faction

Corection and adjustment of the implosion spell: I have adjusted it so that its progression is lighter at low level and stronger at high level:
No rank, deals 1% stack damage per point of magic

Novice 2% stack damage per point of magic

Expert 3% stack damage per magic point

Master 4% stack damage per point of magic.

Which means for example, for a hero lv master magic prime and 15 magic: remove 60% of the stack

I will modify its value if the returns are not satisfactory.

elite extra buildings now have a construction prerequisite: Capitol


1.16 update note:

New animation and improved model for:

Horned demon
pit lord
Warfare hadess

Skill modification for pit lord:
Explosion suppression (passive ability)
Addition of Infernal peak:
Inflicts damage on a target and the adjacent enemy units. Ignore defense: ability usable every 5 turns.

Added new skin for Sylvania Quenn:
Modification of stats (revised downwards and its purchase cost)
Modification of its ability:
Withdrawal of migthy pounce, and nàture revenche
Added Arrow Rain: Inflicts damage on all enemies and reduces their attack and defense by 15 for 2 turns.
1 time per fight.

Added a new spell: meteor shower:

Deal damage to all enemies / damage value set on firebolt
place a debuff for 2 turns, enemies take 30% more damage from fire sources.
45 mana / tiere 3

Added new icon for frost building and hades bonus growth

addition of white tiger as neutral creature

Added manticore and its new base version scorpicore as an alternative to souless in town dungeon.

Animation modification for manticore which can now fly.

Modification of lilime hades:
Now flying unit, idle modify and move modify for flight.

AI setting, weaker in medium and easy, slightly weaker in difficult.
the heroic level remains unchanged

price correction missing artifact
correction icon and description silverback
correction description element hero ash and riddle.

Dragon boot bug fix:
Now the 5 movement points are removed when the boots are unequipped

Frost Boot: Now gives the hero the +5 movement bonus.


patch not 1.17:

Improved all hades / frost / spells new / artifact new / and extra creature icons

Modification of skin for uniter T5 and T4 frost.

Text improvement for demonology skill (English)
Novice demology modification:
Now gives direct access to a summoning portal.
A total of 3 summoning gates will now be available.

Text improvement for cold blood, branch.

Froststrike expert skill changed:
No longer grants active ability now: Hero has a 20% chance to freeze enemies after dealing damage. (Basic attack and spells)

correction of titan and manticore, can now evolve correctly, the base appears well in the recruiting post.

bug fix hero Seraphiel specialization now works.

Fixed pit lord ability: Couldown no longer resets to its basic attack.
Correction elite extra academie ability:
The damage is now properly applied if the creature moves.

weakness correction: can be applied to the planned area and not to all the units

Fixed: Frost sword buff heal on critical hit, now works correctly: heal value set to 150 fixed.

Boss building fix: Defensive building creatures not spawning, this will not place difficulty level, and cause AI suicide: fix

Removal of particles for hero vexes and fiurr which cause high latency

Removed rune abiliter on extra fortress champions (this unit has a lot of ability … and runes cause bugs)

Hell Hound: Opportunity Attack Removal and Unlimited Response: This combined with an area attack was too op.

Abyssal worms: new visual and anime correctly placed.
Fort / castle and garrison defense overhaul

The basic statistics of the champion units were replaced.

Boss shantiri no longer targets the same unit every turn. (diffcult increase)

Added translations for new spells: frost armor / ice lance etc.
Added translations for boss necromancer and sanctuary (int)

Revamped classes for hades faction.
Now the Progressions is similar to the vanilla class


Hero frost:

Lili Rose: Give +3 defense for each water spell cast: now: +1 defense

Chartmin: Giving ally units ignores 50% defense / now: ally units ignores 25% defense; lasts 3 rounds

Giralk: Give + 30% hp at t4 unit for 1 turn each time the hero casts a positive spell / now Give + 20% hp at t4 when he casts a positive spell for t4 until the end of the turn.
Mushi: The production bonus now only applies to the castle.

Karmuthov: Can replay 1 time for each water damage he inflicts, now: Can replay once when he casts a positive water spell.

Jesusor: Added a mana cost of 40 for Satanic Strike.

Agrael: Core production increase goes from +5 to +3.

Nosferatu: Added a mana hit to his ability.

Nox: movement bonus for cerberus increased from +3 to +1 / defense bonus increased from +10 to +5.

Sahra: hp bonus for summoning creature changed from + 25% to + 15%