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While the gameplay aspects can be argued, when it comes to bugs, Might & Magic: Heroes VII can definitely not be regarded as one of the “best in the series” as Ubisoft has widely advertised. Two weeks after the release, the game has yet to receive a post-launch bug-squashing patch fans eagerly wait. However, new information about the content of the upcoming update have emerged.

In addition to Ubisoft’s official statements, the developer Limbic has commented on the upcoming patch at reddit:


AI is constantly being Improved. With out giving to much a way I can tell you that it’s getting a MASSIVE speed increase for a start. Multiplayer is also getting a significant upgrade.

AI will be improved, yes. For the upcoming patch we focused on fixing AI-related bugs (such as suiciding empty heroes a lot or disregarding some armies on the map, hindering progress) and AI performance (thinking time on adventure map). Dan is not exaggerating about the speed. I urge you to try it out yourself when the patch is deployed 🙂

Combat AI got some tweaks, too, but the most substantial changes to the combat AI will come in subsequent patches. We’ve made some tweaks to make it manage its units better and completely revamped its targeting logic when it comes to picking the most profitable action, but we’re not entirely satisfied with it yet, so it’ll have to wait a little longer. One thing we need to focus on is definitely the spellcasting with Magic heroes, and this will take some time because we’d need to go over spells on a case-by-case basis.

The patch will also address issues on multiplayer, overall performance, campaign scripts, saving/loading and balancing. There’s no clear word on the release date yet.

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