Guides: HoMM 4 Cheats

These codes are confirmed working on the GOG Heroes of Might & Magic 4 Complete version.

To use the codes, hit TAB and type in the code you want to use.

nwcares Win combat
nwcachilles Lose combat
nwcvalhalla Win scenario
nwcragnarok Lose scenario
nwcthoth Gain a level
nwcathena Select any skill to your hero
nwcisis 1000 Mana and all spells
nwchermes 10,000 movement points
nwcprometheus Reveal minimap
nwcsphinx Reveal treasure map
nwcambrosia 300 of each resource and 200,000 gold
nwccityoftroy Build everything
nwcnibelungenlied Gives the Ring of Greater Negation
nwcettubrute Gives the Dagger of Despair
nwcaphrodite In battle, transform hero into a rocker
nwcaphrodite In battle, transform hero into an old man
nwctristram 20 Crusaders
nwclancelot 20 Champions
nwcstmichael 20 Angels
nwcsevenlittleguys 20 Dwarves
nwcmerlin 20 Magi
nwccronus 20 Titans
nwcblahblah 20 Vampires
nwchades 20 Devils
nwcunderthebridge 20 Trolls
nwckingminos 20 Minotaurs
nwcxanthus 20 Nightmares
nwcfafnir 20 Black Dragons
nwcdoyousmellbrownies 20 Sprites
nwcfenrir 20 Wolves
nwcfixmyshoes 20 Elves
nwcthelast 20 Unicorns
nwcra 20 Phoenixes
nwcvalkyries 20 Ogre Magi
nwcgrendel 20 Behemoths
nwcposeidon 20 Sea Monsters

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