Guides: Custom map locations

In order to play custom maps in Heroes of Might & Magic games, the map files should be placed in these locations. If the folder does not exist, it can be created manually.

Might & Magic: Heroes VII
\My Documents\My Games\Might & Magic Heroes VII\MMH7Game\CustomMaps\Adventuremaps\

Might & Magic: Heroes VI
\My Documents\Might & Magic Heroes VI\Scenario\

Heroes of Might & Magic V
\<game install folder>\Maps\

Heroes of Might & Magic IV
\<game install folder>\maps\

Heroes of Might & Magic III HD
\<game install folder>\data\maps\EN\
Note that original HOMM3 maps do not work with the 2014 HD edition and vice versa.

Heroes of Might & Magic III
\<game install folder>\Maps\
Note that original HOMM3 maps do not work with the 2014 HD edition and vice versa.

Heroes of Might & Magic II
\<game install folder>\MAPS\

Heroes of Might & Magic I
\<game install folder>\MAPS\

10 comments on “Custom map locations

  1. I have an issue with where to put the custommaps in HHM7
    I don’t have any folders called “CustomMaps” when I open up the MMH7Game folder..

    What can I do?

    1. Make sure you are looking at C:\Users\*username*\My Documents\… folder. The actual game install location has the same MMH7Game folder but no CustomMaps folder.

  2. You know it’s just a folder right? Just make a new one with the name CustomMaps and in that folder make one named Adventuremaps and the problem should be solved. I’ve done the same thing on multiple games when a folder that I need for mods/fan made content doesn’t exist I just make one with the name needed. It’s not any extra code to be added and if it breaks the game (which I doubt) just remove the folders you put in.

  3. Hello,

    Thanks to the creators!

    Two questions..

    Why can’t I find the maps ingame in Multiplayer Hotseat?
    I’ve found it under Singleplayer.
    Here is where I put the Map “Angel_45”.
    C:\Users\Allan\Documents\My Games\Might & Magic Heroes VII\MMH7Game\CustomMaps\Adventuremaps

    Can someone tell my why I can’t create a map in size 300×300 in LAN options? I can only create such a big map in Hotseat.



  4. Hi! For me strangely may be after windows 10 update, Heroes 6 (2011) dont create a directory in My documents and if i do it wont workd don’t see the 74 maps what i downloaded. Why? 1 year ago it was good!

  5. Also strangely Heroes 7 custom maps not shown now as well. Last year no problem. I reinstall Win 10 may that cause something?

  6. I’ve put a custom map for HMM7 in the correct folder, but that folder was empty and didn’t contain other maps. When I launched the game, the new map was nowhere to be found. Can anyone help?

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