Game:Heroes VII
Mod author:Valentine
Last updated:December 4, 2023 at 00:21
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Heroes of Might and Magic 7 Resurrection mod it’s a base version of Heroes 7 witch conteins 11 Factions without extra creatures having at the base content from Mod 7.5,Moritz mod and Citadela mod better to say a global mod +tones of new stuf: -110 spells -12 warcries -540 Heroes and every hero has his own unique Skill wheel and specialization-new creatures Line up -new unique abilitys from Heroes 5/6 brought in to Heroes 7 -skin of vanila creatures have been Reworked -add all artfacts from Heroes 6 -a brand new Skill in the Skill wheel to improve Might Heroes “Enlightenment” .

The mod its available in englisch and german language thanks to Jubi user translating and helping with artworks and icons!

-Path to install:My doc/Might and Magic Heroes 7/MMH7GAME/

For this mod you need Trial by Fire expansion and don’t forget this mod it’s not compatible with other mods!


  • Discord link:
  • When you play big maps vanila or RMG use maximum GPU to force loading it work allways(only for maps like 300×300)!
  • fixed RMG on 300×300 now people can play huge maps but small info: After you chose settings for the map  DON`T PRESS PREVIEW (only for maps 300×300),on the right side to see the map before begining just proceed to chose Factions and players and start!!!


Credits to the fallowing users:

Slyen,Serapphiel, MuskyHusky,Jubi, Somewierdusername , Klashnagy,Moritz user Ffhggh(Citadela moder) and user dunno1500


-Arcane shield function now works like vanila but increase its effect

-Tooltip arcane shield corect

-Absolut purity corect tooltip

-golem defend buff fixed interacting with ability Challenge of Kensei

-AI now use griffin ability

-Hauntig plague doesn`t put passive dark magic ultimate fixed ! and this is a vanilla bug

-all the towers now only attack doesn`t put buff anymore vanila function back!

-fortification army in all castle function like vanila but increase the army and growth this allow people to use 3 free slots to configurate defensive army

-Modification of Gating function

lvl1 gating summon core with demonic lineage

lvl2 gating summon core and elite with demonic lineage

lvl 3 gating summon all kind of creatures with demonic lineage

the ammount of summon depend on number of creatures in the stack + lvl of the gating

-add sound to summoning gatings

-cortect few things in the gating function configuration cause player to receive one more gating spell lvl 3 fixed!

-fate spinner receive for baleful gaze particles and sound

-add a new line for haunting plague in the skill wheel dark magic after modification of the funtion to fix the bug

-Alastor hero receive hero inferno icon it had necropolis

-darkstorm and moander corect creatures start up

-fixed 2 buildings in inferno town caused bugs!!! very important ones and modify the function on them

-ability blind of unicorn war fixed

-15 icons of inferno town improve visual

-fix sound in all castle sometimes plays 2 times same music

-texture and emissive dread knight improved

-improve eternal servitude effect visual

-rakashaka dash ability receive sound

-ability death is not the end of skeleton reduce effect chance by 25% and amount of summon by 15%

-putrid bones receive particle

Improved texture of Inferno Creatures +warfare units

Improved texture of Dungeon Creatures +warfare units

Improved Namtaru warfare Fate weaver and Fate Spinner texture like heroes 6

-druid elder master hunter archangel texture back normal doesn`t please

-reduce ability valkyre flame of arkath by -10% reduce damage and 8 dmg per valkyre need more test here

-Archangel absolut purity improve visual

-improve  texture Faceless and Faceless Puppeter like Heroes 6

–Repairing spam WAIT  and Defend  trigger by neutral creatures!!!!!



-add a new icon Abyssal Worm—Jubi

-add new icon Jesabeth Hero—Jubi

-add a new artwork Abyssal Worm—- user Jubi

-Manticore fly speed increase same as Scorpicore

-add updated Localization DEU —Jubi

-improved texture Coral Preastess

-improved texture Pearl Preastess

-improved texture kappa shoya

-improved texture assassin

-improved texture Kirin

-improved texture Sacred Kirin

-improved texture Kensei

-improved texture Banshee

-improved texture Putrid lamasu

-improved texture Spectral dragon

all of them Heroes VI textures

-modification of lilim forked fire ability now will strike 2 creatures more but close to the 2 sqare from the primary target

-Add Death Blow ability from Heroes 3 to Dread Knight having 25% dealing double damage

-lilim forked fire tooltip corect after modifications

-Fixed Minotaur/Medusa growth in the Dungeon forgot in the prew update

-Faceless corect name

-stats black knight/dread knight attack/defense changed and increase a little

-most of the creatures are geting vanila stats back but hp will remain however a few creatures i also reduced hp

-creatures growth back as vanila but reduced with 2 or 3 for core and 1 for elite cuz the hp remainsthis will help people to develop more heroes ,after my last play i couldn`t get enough army

-repair the visual static mesh of cerberus Heroes 6 in the inferno Siege map

-corect school damage mage/archmage

-corect Titan school damage

-translate a building boss

-fixed RMG on 300×300 now people can play huge maps but small info: After you chose settings for the map  DON`T PRESS PREVIEW on the right side to see the map before begining just proceed to chose Factions and players and start!!!

A small info with every update i m trying with some settings and configuration to come back as close as posible to vanila  because game its more stable and many problems was caused because of the modifications!!!


-t2 frost new model

-t5 frost improve visual animation overall

-t3 frost new movement particles

-t3 frost new visual effect on attack critical and ability

-blizzard rider/crusader receive new texture and visual improvments

-manticore /scorpicore +10 hp

-more corection are made in buildings neutral after modification

-town portal receive new icon

-ability black arrow merged with piercing armour and now reduce defence by 25% not anymore 0 because now it also deal damage overtime from black arrow

-heart of frost buff receive tolltip description

-particles for blizzard rider didn`t showed in idle animation fixed

-frost wolf receive frostbite -2 movement to enemy and add new icon

-corect localization in Enlightment skill

-fixed the buff for enlightment abilitys didn`t work corectly now works like this:

lvl 1 will take 2 turns

lvl 2 will take 3 turns

lvl 3 will take 4 turns

-add new textures for inferno heroes from Heroes 6

-over 120 heroes receive new icons

-death blow ability fixed now will last for 1 turn cuz it apply the effect but it doesn`t strike with it so now after activation witch is a chance of 20% will strike double damage for 1 turn

-Big improvmentd Archangel visual effects and few improvments in his texture

-improve visual of moutain striker and add a better and awesome attack animation

-improve medusa and medusa queen damage and stats was to low

-add an aura to Ice dragon

-organisation of the Heroes now are only in 3 packages

-cleaning up unused old heroes icons

-POWER VALUE back as vanila

-royal griffin receive Enhanced sight

-fixed ability griffin diving attack sometimes causes bugs

-critter start size multiplyer of neutral increased

-critter growth multiplyer increased a little

-few values for Ai i had to reduce like recruiting army

-improve visual attack critical animation for Swordmaster

-Swordmaster receive Crusade and add animation to this one

-reduced dmg of rune patriarh chainlightning ability and stats attack by -1 and damage by -1 since it strike all the enemy  need more test if doesn`t work for balance i will modify to 4 targets

-fixed Behemot unleashed Fury trigger only for ancient behemot

-new textures Haven upgrades:Legionaire/Marksman/Justicar/Cuirassier/Swordmaster and basics will come later!


vers. 1_55

-Earth Elemental regeneration fixed the ability

-shade poison fixed

-tracker ability now ignore total defence

-fixed blade master whirling death sometimes doesn`t strike all the creatures  around

-fix hero Johary it had necromancy and it should have metamagic

-corect creature description od Dendroid Soldiers and Dendroid Guards

-Sylvan natures revenge sometimes count more marks fixed!

-remove victory animation play by the creatures at the start of the turn i tryed to give some immersive things but it caused some bugs visual

-polish localization sylvan Faction creatures abilitys

-inspiring pressence of sun deer reduced from 20 to +15

-master hunter receve Mortal Shot

-druid elder receive earth cripple

-new impovments for visual dendroid soldiers

-Active ability Emerald Dragon modification and translated the buff resulting from this

-sun deer receive mental quickness

-new better name for efficiency

-healing sister visual back as vanila since the upgrades are now gold

-Fix demonology branch inferno make heroes cast 2 spells per combat turn , now will alow hero to use one more time but only after the hero uses a gating spell

-fix burning hell building didn`t put buff on enemy creatures

-new icons t2 outcast/ice ranger tnx Jubi user

-Sylvan fortification army increased like other faction forgot to do in the prew update

-fix 4 heroes Academy causes Crashes

-Fix 1 hero Haven

-Remove 3 heroes from Haven was double and could causes crashes

-1 hero in dungeon was 2 times

-few meshes have missing files fixed!

-Abbot building in haven faction redone it was the old red icon

-fix opportunity retaliation Justicar

-titan particles idle animation changed something much better and simple

-Archangel resurrection ability on new turn removed and the holy rage now has other function no more resurrection effects 2 abilitys enough

-rakashaka loca bestial wrath corect

-djin channeler receive presence of mind

-improve djin channeler animation for presence of mind at the begining of new turn

-simurgh attack animation removed with something better

-arch mage receive arcane concentration

-ability blinded by rage increased to 2 turns

-lacerator receive demonic rage

-baleful gaze fate spinner increased dmg and now reduce morale of adjacent enemy creatures from -15 to-25

-Unicorn war increased animation overall

-death is not the end ability skeleton loca corect

-fate spinner receive howl of terror

-death blow ability drad knight now have its own icon and removed deadly strike

-Hydra/dark hydra dungeon receive a little bit more speed

-corect tooltip withering breath

-Behemot unleashed fury reduced to +5 to all its stats from +10

-venommous wyvern both ability of healing fixed and the regeneration one now resurrect also as it should be

-centaur marauder receive Survival Instinct

-valkyre receive molten fury

-black bear receive bestial swiftness

-improve visual fire shield valkyre

-magma elemental fix his defend ability  rhinoceros skin

-the buff from black arrow tracker doesn`t affect undeads and contruct now

-black dragon shadow presence reduced to -30 morale from -50

-corection of the creatures in Duels

-Add 2 new heroes for Infernoin Duel section

-Add 2 new heroes for Frost in Duel section

-Add 1 new hero dungeon and Academy in duel section  more will be later added also for the other 2 new factions will come

-bow of the elf king artefact fixed

-marksman crossbow fixed loca

-eiherjar throwing hammer doesn`t face the target creature fixed its a problem from vanilla

-burning fire when archdevil strike critical removed for the moment

-All the armys from duels improved!

-Tracker shadow armour fixed

-camazotz receive dance of decay

-Ancient behemot might over magic ability renamed and add other particles better and simple as before but cool to

-hero masfar fixed had 2 skill same

-Hero Astra special ability fixed

-Pit lord receive Hateful retaliation

-The fallowing skills in the skill wheel replaced with Ucp vers 1.3:Righteousness/Natures Revenge/Bloodrage/Shroud/necromancy/rune of magic/Metamagic/Defence/Offense/Leadership/Destiny/Diplomacy/Paragon/Exploration and Economy


vers. 1_56

-settings for H7config and H7adventure Ai redone to vanila and by doing this i debuged Ai cuz sometimes he remains in the castle without moving

-dificulty redone  and its more balanced now

-Magic Guild and Forge defending neutrals army in RMG maps  reduced!

-More neutral building i have reduced neutral stacks defending

-Reduce the emissive of some frost heroes

-Staff of Gaya corect localization

-Ice Ranger i decided to put back half range shooting because its to Op

-Ice dragon and blue dragon increase speed fly and ability attack

-ability of wizzard master now will cast on target area 4×4

-the bonus of metamagic received from runic box removed cause visual bug because only one faction has metamagic

-improved animation ardent dragon/black dragon/spectral dragon/emerald dragon for breath idle animation

-diplomatic immunity from diplomacy skill now will work like vanila

-warfare skill ucp 1.3

-Fire knowledge III loca fix

-divinity strike particles effects now doesn`t show anymore over friendly creatures only over target enemy as it should be

-icrease torment fire spell damge and now reduced luck by -30

-inferno spell now deal double damage

-shadow cloak back ucp vers

-purge spell ucp vers

-add creatures numbers for growth in the text of the building

-lord hart corect localization specialization

-Tornado spell didn`t deal damage when you reach master air III fixed

-hero raper /kaspar serapphiel/mashaka/ and kurtos had 2 same skills fixed

-cassiopia and atlas had same skills and same specialization now atlas receive new ones

-hero chairtmain redone localization

-over 40 creatures icons redone because of the resolution looking scratched

-spell voraciously removed has bad configuration

-vampirism renamed to life drain

-despair /weakness/ face of fear/ shadow image now works like vanila

-some spells renamed

-spell noble mount its air spell now

-shadow curse spell modify its particles

-sorrow strike spectral dragon fix configuration

-eradication spell modification to an awesome spell

-shadow blast has new particles and new projectile particles

-shadow blast has now a line in the dark knowledge II

-black arrow buf loca fixed

-curse of the netherworld now cast on 4×4 area

-fix eliora hero haven specialization  + localization

-enlightenment skill added to 20 heroes from haven faction

-anti magic enlightenment doesn`t have its icon

-vengence buff corect localization name

-adding particles and sound to enlightenment abilitys in the spellbook by casting

-a config in the master skill enlightenment had a missing skill fixed

-altar of wishes +1 growth

-centaur and wyvern reduced growth

-more corection in the localization of the town buildings especialy fortress

-scale fate weave/fate spinner bigger on adventure map

-scale dread knight /black knight smaller on adventure map

–life drain cast now on 4×4 area when upgrade

-pressed attack renamed to blade master and reduce chance of activate from 30 to 20%

-trial by fire ability new icon made


-light spear receive new name and fixed the formula for the value in the magic guild

-heal and celestial armour cast on area 4×4 not anymore all creatures

-fix divinity strike config and now will be casted on 4×4 area when upgrade

-some light spells didn`t had the line in the config of light knowledge I/II/III now fixed plus add to localization

-All light spells receive new icons and some of them new names


-storm arrow now cast on 4×4 area

-air knowledge III delete a line cuz no spell there

-All air spells receive new icons and some of them better names

Earth Spells

-10 new icons and some of them renamed

-stoneskin now cast 4×4

-poison strike fix localization spellbook

-force field fix localization spellbook upgrade

-earth magic skill redone loca after the new function of the spells

-acid blood removed

-fix parasite now the spell does what description says and add a line  in earth knowledge III


-burning determination cast on 4×4 area

-fix fire shield localization and function it should put an buff to deal damge on melee attack

-add a line for fire shield on fire knowledge II

-add for infernal precision a line in master fire I

-torment upgrade now will deal double damage upgrade on a single stack

-add a line for torment in fire knowledge III

-infernal precision now increase initiative and last for 3 turns no more 6

-all fire spells receive new icons


-all water spell receive new icons

-besides blizzard witch its casted on 6×6 area the other spells are casted on 4×4 area

-some water spells corect localization and formula

-ice lance renamed ice shard and change its particles to something better+fix loca

-blizzard loca fixed

-curative source fix function and add a line in master water +fix loca

-healing freeze fix loca  + fix function and add a line in master of water

-frost armour fix loca and its effect casted on 4×4 area +add formula to magic guild


-add new icons for all prime spells

-fix loca time control/infection

-raise undead increase effect for novice and reduce a little for other levels

-add new awesome particles to raise undead

-fix loca teleport and its buff and now increase initiative by 30

-summon elemental reduce particles effect

-arcane shot fix loca

-soul conflagration and implosion add ucp version

-fix infection spell bad config and add a line to prime master III

-add formula in the prime master III for raise undead summon elemental

-prime blast receive new effect for upgrade +new line in prime masterII

-add new line for arcane shot in the prime master II and now put a random negative effect on target enemy creature

-Fix Black dragon withering breath!

-cuirassier jousting strike didnt show damage on normal attack and sometimes Ai attack but doesnt  deal dmg only for first attack fixed

-blessed arrow function now on morale activate cuz skill righteouness haven work back as ucp vers doesn`t create bug with victorious strike

-conviction cuirassier on critical damage activate for cuirassier melee attacks

INFERNO town icons redone no more round its lovely Jubi user made some of them and some of them i redone myself


💥💥Update 1.57💥💥
-add german localization tnx Jubi-

3 icon in frost town are redone for bonuses creatures

-more bonus icons redone tnx Jubi

-city hall bad description tnx Forresr for report

-killburn hero has missing visual of it’s Male only the horse was there now Fixed

-noble mount spell doesn’t reset the bonus fixed

-protection against magic receive new icon

-a big Modification i decided holy blades get to the Archangel and i will add to praetorian a new Shield Ability to cover against range damage👍

-shield von praetorian won’t stack anymore multiply!

All the icons will receive sharpnes that means the icons will be even more lovely

And the icons that doesn’t have the View texture of Heroes 6 will be readapted

-the Abbot ability and Celestial ability aoe Haven been removed that because i didn’t liked the function now Celestial receive holy blades and Abbot will remain with 3 abilitys!
-as for Cuirassier conviction created Bug and i replaced with toughness

– fixing jousting Strike ability cuirassier finally i lost few days but work now with the half of damage of the unit standing behind the line and it show the damage for all angle and as a plus it doesn’t targeting your own creatures anymore ability 100% fixed now! Tnx Somewierdusername

Precise shot master hunter removed it’s not unique and will remain double shot and mortal shot plus a new one unique in terms of balancing

Modifications for balancing Haven
-legionaire receive 2 Abilitys the shielding and a Shield to give cover against ranger attacks
-marksman remains as it is
-justocar remains a s it is
-abbot remove the healing Ability triggerd by reducing the stack and remains with 3 abilitys ranger retaliation/Aura of cleansing /and healing automat on the start of combat turn
-griffin remove Feral agression remains with 3 abilitys unlimited retaliation/Feral Charge/Enhanced Seight
-cuirassier remove conviction don’t like it’s function and it’s not unique added Toughness/bash/Jousting Strike/Charge jousting Strike fixed work like in Heroes 5
-Celestial removed the healing activated by wait added holy blades dealing 30% from the damage light to adjacent undead/deamons +Resurrection/Aura of Purity/and Holy Rage

For all the buffs the creatures get new unique icons that will allow player to make diference between ability and buff

-rightfull justice now will have a buff on the creatures that will allow player to see details

Modifications for balancing Sylvan
-blade master remains as it it
-oak Dryad remains as it is
-sun deer removed inspiring Presence remains unfettered /surge of light/and Mental quickness
-druid elder removed Thorn armor remains life deager /thorns/Earth criple
-unicorn add the inspiring Presence from sun deer cuz i wanna make it more important as T6 creature +Aura of magic resistence/blind attack/sylana protection
-emerald dragon remove endurance add new ab Earth skin witch increase defense by +10 and this creature can be attacked only flankable not full flankable +regeneration/immunity Earth/acid breath vanila back removed the aoe ability i will find other place for it thinking of Citadela T6
-dendroid soldiers big improvments defensive removed old endurance add the one from druid elder Thorn armour it’s more logical and unique now + living shelter/sylana blessing/ and Rooten👍

-implosion add a line for it’s function upgrade in the prime knowledge III forgot in the prew update

Modifications Academy for balancing
-cabir remains as it is
-gargoyle same as it is
-sandstone golem removed the 2 ab offensive and defensive formation Ai doesn’t use them anyway i added Organic armour +unfettered/construct
-discciple removed the arcane concentration cuz anyway gargoyle it’s immune it’s to much remains only 3 Abilitys it’s enough nova/arcane shot/magic storm prime
-djin channeller remains as it is taking in consideration that T1/T2/t3 are nor so special i think t5 need 4 abilitys
-rakashaka remains as it is just need to corect buff bestial wrath localization
-tiran removed magic attunement doesn’t make sense for a range unit i added this ability to sandstone golem and titan receive no melee penalty as it should be +devastation/magic absorbtion/construct
-Simurgh remains as it is!

Improve sandstone golem organic armor now this creature and adjacent friendly creature receive -20% dmg from elem damage/Might damage/spell damage

Djin channeller reduce prime shield morale and luck bonus from 30 to 20


Masive improvments Inferno and balancing
-demented removed old twisted minds add new one and finaly i fixed maniac laughter work like in Heroes 6 will buff 1 time and at the end turn will reset+i added formule to ability and buffs 💥
-cerberus remain as it is polish few things in localization abilitys
-lilim remains as it is corect Localization Scorching just how the ability works and i added formule to Enthrall ability and it’s buff
-Tormentor remains as it is still thinking to reduce the ability that ignore defence by 30% will see
-mother breeder remains as it is it’s oki
-ravager big improvments in the abilitys, taunting Presence had 100% chance now it’s like the ability Say 30% and i added formule to the ability and it’s buff +tooltip for it’s buff to! Unstoppable charge fixed it’s Increase only maximal damage not.minimal so now it works and i added formule to this ability to and it’s buff to
-arch Devil demonic Presence polish Localization now the player will know what physical dmg means i reduced this one from 50% to 20% and i added formule to this ability!
-Pit lord big Modifications since i don’t liked it’s ability and <@261240167912701963> also not i had to work again this one so:fix Localization blinded by rage/hateful retaliation receive fire particles on damage from retaliation and a new ability to replace that wait ability Boundless Hate +effects.this ability will make a burst with Blinded by rage
As a bonus demonic lineage receive for Localization also formule👍👍


Modifications and improvments Necropolis for balancing
-skeleton decreases chance to resurrect by 20% and hallow bones increased by +10 defense also i added formula to ability Death îs not the end
-Banshe ability Incorporal new one has a chance of 20% to miss and reduce spell damage and negative effect by-20% also i added formula to this ability
-putrid lamasu increase Aura of pestilence damage by+1 and now reduce movement by-2
-Archlich remains as it is and fix Localization Hex of desruption
-vampire lord life drain fix Localization
-dread knight Death blow ability add formula to this one
-spectral dragon remains as it is + a fix for ability casting sorrow sometimes add to adjacent Enemy creature so now fixed!
-fate spinner remains as it is
More icons have been changed with unique ones
-Few more corection archlich drain life buff add localization tooltip for both buffs
-creating a separate spell sorrow just for Dragon spectral to avoid a bug


Improvments Dungeon:
-few abilitys of some creatures have now formula added
-new icons for abilitys and buffs

-coat of sheogh Skill in demonology renames to demonic resillience and receive the buff new icon and the ability won’t appear anymore on the creature only the buff as it should be

Improvments Stronghold:
-abilitys and buffs improve icons
-Few abilitys receive formule
-1 ability from centaur Marauder called instinct shot goes to kobold pathfinder and modify it’s function acting against large creatures only now he become a giant killer

Improvments Fortress
-abilitys and buffs icons improve and add new ones for some creatures
-lighting Shield rune patriarh fixed won’t deal dmg anymore to friendly creature
-for flame lord i will remove flame storm cuz it’s not so unique and add molten fury from valkyre She is anyway strong enough

-black bear receive bear Roar Ability from Heroes 5

Dwarf Shield wall has a bad configuration of it’s function fixed

Nimble polish Localization

Magma elemental reduce rihnoceros skin from 50% to 25%

After i discused with user Dunno i think pit lord desrve something unique so here it is
1-boundless Hate 20% chance to cast Frenzy on attacked Enemy creature
2-Blinded by rage this creature Increase his final damage by ?% for every retaliation acting until end of battle

3-blade of hatred strikes all enemy on the battlefield dealing 10% of the stack as damage that means the more enemy creatures are in a stack the bigger it’s the damage!
This ability damage it’s affected by the numbers of the stacks that are in the battlefield

For black Dragon i will do this one Creatures attacking Daughter of Malassa in melee suffer from Fatigue. Fatigue reduces Damage by 40% for 2 turns. Stacks up to 2 times.

-griffin unlimited retaliation sometimes doesn’t retaliate Fixed
-breeder Mobile shooter  Dunno user reported sometimes stuck fixed
-long range sometimes caused a wierd Bug showing text of casting more time long range on target Fixed
-minotaur premmtive Strike sometimes doesn’t act Fixed!

-the new Ability of pit lord Boundless Hate now AI used it i debugged

-Unstoppable charge Ai use it debugged

-new Ability CallLightning for Titan to remove prime devastation it’s not unique and i don’t like it’s function!

-marksman the morale Ability now ignore 50% of target enemy defense

-rune patriarh Ability will cast on 4 targets not anymore all creatures from the battlefield

Lacerator improvments
-taste of pain now debugged AI will use it’s Ability and now i redone Localization and will be only 1 time per combat usable not anymore spam it’s to OP!

Demonic rage now i redone Localization and i reduced the bonus by+2 to it’s final damage and add formule

Exploding strikes now has a chance of 15% to Strike again i reduced from 20%

Simurgh magic catalyst reduced from 50% more direct damage to adjacent hostile creatures now 30%

Rakashaka Dash Ability redone add formule to it’s Localization and now increase inițiative only by 50% more for the next 3 combat rounds without stackable posibility and ability it’s debugged AI will use it’s function

-archangel holy rage redone on a creatures stack reduced it has 25% chance to increase it’s attack by 50% for 1 turn

Bestial wrath rakashaka redone when this unit deal damage(before was when he get damage) it’s Increase his maximum damage by+3 for 2 turns calculated like attack+a morale effect+retaliation will stack 3 Times only

-unicorn war receive formule to all 3 abilitys and blinding attack will now have 20% chance to activate on normal attack not anymore to critical attack

Cerberus receive formule to it’s ability three heads attack and the attacked enemy get burned geting fire damage and the damage increased with every turn

Dark hydra and chaos hydra now strikes all Enemy around Musky wanted for long time

-black Arrow buff now show the damage that it deals

Manticore removing flying beast add flying typ movement permanent and add a new ability retracting venom every retaliation of this creature decrease target enemy attack by -10 and inițiative by -10 for 2 turna! attack typ of poison doesn’t affect undead and construct

-new Ability Lacerator a Heroes 6 one increase final damage by 10% on the creature that he has previously damaged this apply only for melee attack not retaliation not affected undead and construct and doesn’t work for retaliation only melee attacks

Unlimited retaliation for ravager and Cerberus fixed !

For the people how play on laptop i fixed a problem for exemywhen your laptop remains without batery it’s closed and when you plug in back You can continue your game from where it remains don’t stuck anymore!

Feral charge griffin won’t attack anymore adjacent creature fixed!

Add to lilim rapture in agony and Enthrall Heroes 6 🙏🏼🙏🏼

-lilim damage corected!

Add crashing blow on enraged Cyclop Ability of Heroes 5 untamed Cyclop and removed blood thirst

Because o find swordmaster incredibile strong i removed pressed attack and that double Strike on activate pressed attack and i added the clave Ability Heroes 5 of executioner Heroes 5 much balanced

Centaur Marauder corect Ability loca scouting shot it says activating on 2 tiles but it’s activated on 3 tiles aproaching to Centaur Marauder and will remain like this!

Cuirassier ability Charge Heroes 6 added

Blood frenzy ancient behemot reduced by 20% from 50%

Add frightful aura of executioner Heroes 5 Ability to ancient behemot removed unleashed fury it’s not unique

-removing from Archangel animation a particle that cause to much light and can’t see the Creatures around to it

Piercing shot marksman 3 times per combat activation

-rune patriarh Storm lightning strikes only flying creatures now on the hole battlefield not anymore 2×6 and incapacitate them for 1 turn

Localization stormlightning redone and lightning Shield also

Einherjar armor smashing now on critical Strike reduce defence by -15 and add formule to it

Add formule to molten fury new ability einherjar

-every single ability and buff will have his own unique icon there will be a big diference between buff and ability regarding icons it’s a surprise here

Add formule to heart of darknes and many other abilitys and buffs that didn’t had before

-increase attack speed of pit lord

Plus other tones of new repairing stuffs witch you will find in this update!


Update 1.58 🙂

-All the icons Frost/Sanctuary/Citadela  redone

-Add new background made by Jubi amazing

-i removed a lot of content for the stability of the game and loading game we will have for the moment only 8 Heroes /Faction

-Enlightenment skill removed i will try to add later after i fix all the problems inside

-more heroes regarding crreatures growth in the town area are fixed bad configuration

-Justicar i let 2 ab for it its enough

-Champion Jousting Strike new one added

-Archangel receive Blade of judgment and blade of ephiphany

-Swordmaster removed charge active ab Ai doesn`t use it no matter what added a new one passive ab

-Master hunter sharper shot removed its to Op 2 ab its enough i added to lilim last kiss since now lilim attack one creature its not Op anymore for it

-war unicorn remove sylana protection only 3 ab its enough

-dendroid soildiers receive a new ab activated by defend ab named Take Thorn

-Gargoyle i removed stunning blow i let only contruct immunity against magic

-arch mage i removed magic storm prime i added to simurgh to be more unique

-rakashaka and djin remains with 3 ab the other ones i used for something else surprise

-Lilim and Mother breed projectile attack new ones better

-arch devil receive unpredictible presence

lacerator receive taste of pain new one

-pit lord hateful retaliation few improvments

-Abyssal worm its now a neutral champion creature

-New branch inferno faction called Spawning chamber

-skeleton removed death is not the end its to Op its the ultimate racial necromancy

-i added immortal souls to banshee

-arch lich death cloud removed the other 3 ab remains its enough and balanced

-spectral dragon new ab activated unique

Tracker ab shadow armour improve a little

-Shade receive a new unique ab increasing damage flanking

-Black dragon improve terryfing presence ab

-Crusher removed execution

-venomous wyvern removed 1 ab the other 3 enough

-ancient behemout receive new unique ab Raging Blood!

-Magma elemental remove rhinoceros skin

-Rune patriark remove active ab i will add back after i configurate to strike only 1 creature to not be Op

-Ardent dragon remove trail by fire added fire breath active ab

-The trail by fire now its by flame lord make more sense and i like it after i tested i also improve particles to this

-Einherjar molten fury now put inner fire on fire magical creatures



In Frost Faction :

-Blizzard Crusader a new ab here called winter`s chill to make sense the ab cold snap you will see

-Ice dragon receive a new ab Icy drain active one with will improve the function of blizzard crusader active ab cold snap also

-Mountein striker ab icy sweep had a bad config for freezing effect fixed now work very good

-same operation have been made to Spectral Dragon casting Sorrow

In this update i also added more formule to creatures abilitys you will see


In the Sanctuary Faction

-wanizame receive ferocious bite

-pearl preastess receive patrification aura

-spring maiden receive water flows freely

-depth guardian because i find it to weeak from ab i added a 4 one called Art of war

-Denki unagi receive Stunning blow to remove an ability that deal damage was to much aoe from this creature and i stil reduced damage dealt by grudge also

-Sacred kirin receive waves of renewal heroes 6 and added particles to this one

-for kensei i removed challenge ab make problems i will add new one later have to think 🙂


In citadela faction

-now all the poisons are fixed and more every creature will have an ab to put poison in order grater basilisk ab venomous breath to make sense

-ancient troglodon receive poison strike and removed a healing ab i will add particle and projectile to this one later forgot sorry

-Enraged kraken removed seismic strike i let only tremor itys enough and improved it + i added stranglend original ab

Wacries i removed all of them remains only heroism and vanila ones need to do new ones i also added formule to all of them 🙂

-In neutral i removed more ab i have let for the moment only some i will see later


Vers 1.59

-Citadela faction townscreen backgrounf fixed had in corners black lines

-the bonus for t1/t2 works good only localization need swap up

-fate spinner/fate weaver need smaller scaled

-shade new ab increase attack not flanking dmg it allready has a passive with this

-wanizame ferocious bite ability improved

-depth guardian/ocean guardian reduced hp

-fate spinner active ab reduced by half damage

-ability banshee reduced and has 3 charges now

-localization warfare building citadela redone

-add gorgon/mighty gorgon in citadela

-add depth serpenth/leviathan in citadela

-kraken goes neutral

-the heroes citadela visual animation improved

-cleaning up some unused files

-more creatures that levitate had missing ability levitating fixed

-sanctuary visual heroes medusa and pearl preastess removed replaced now will be 1 might/magic male 1 might/magic female unique visual same will be done for inferno and sanctuary and citadela

-djin receive immunity prime

-valkyre receive resistance to fire

-add 1 more unique ability to elite strong  the one how doesn`t have

-camera citadela townscreen fixed

-add an effect to medusa queen visual

-juggernaut receive unffetered ability vanila

-kensei receive new ab challenge

-pit lord receive original hateful retaliation ability

-mighty gorgon 4 abilitys :Demolisher/death stare/Thoughness

-Unicorn receive aura of healing

-shieldguard receive heroes 5 ab armoured

-basilisk lancer receive berserker stance

-1 unique ability Archmage magic Amplification


For uniquenes and balancing in frost faction :

-t2 receive elemental anticipation

-t1 improve both abilitys

-t5 receive frost ring

-ice dragon receive gathering winter storm


-new texture fury

-new texture blizzard crusader  to improve visual

-a swap up between cuirassier and griffin ability to avoid a bug

-4 new icons for frost creatures abilitys

-3 new icons warfare frost with abilitys to

-leviathan receive a unique ab ranged

-fixed stone gaze medusa queen with mobile shooter was a problem of config

-improve texture sister and icon made by user `Dunno


Fixed loading save game/autosave


Vers 1.60

-Minotaur Guard Aura of Bravery fixed still remain to do some tests i wait feedback

-localization done for dwellings Inferno/frost/sanctuary/citadela no more wierd names

Thanks and Enjoy it!!