Game:Heroes VII
Mod author:Valentine
Last updated:May 22, 2023 at 01:28
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Heroes of Might and Magic 7 Resurrection mod it’s a base version of Heroes 7 witch conteins 11 Factions without extra creatures having at the base content from Mod 7.5,Moritz mod and Citadela mod better to say a global mod +tones of new stuf: -110 spells -12 warcries -540 Heroes -new creatures Line up -new unique abilitys from Heroes 5/6 brought in to Heroes 7 -skin of vanila creatures have been Reworked -add all artfacts from Heroes 6 -a brand new Skill in the Skill wheel to improve Might Heroes “Enlightenment” .

The mod its available in englisch and german language thanks to Jubi user translating and helping with artworks and icons!

-Path to install:My doc/Might and Magic Heroes 7/MMH7GAME/

For this mod you need Trial by Fire expansion and don’t forget this mod it’s not compatible with other mods!


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Credits to the fallowing users:

Slyen,Serapphiel, MuskyHusky,Jubi, Somewierdusername , Klashnagy,Moritz user Ffhggh(Citadela moder) and user dunno1500


-Arcane shield function now works like vanila but increase its effect

-Tooltip arcane shield corect

-Absolut purity corect tooltip

-golem defend buff fixed interacting with ability Challenge of Kensei

-AI now use griffin ability

-Hauntig plague doesn`t put passive dark magic ultimate fixed ! and this is a vanilla bug

-all the towers now only attack doesn`t put buff anymore vanila function back!

-fortification army in all castle function like vanila but increase the army and growth this allow people to use 3 free slots to configurate defensive army

-Modification of Gating function

lvl1 gating summon core with demonic lineage

lvl2 gating summon core and elite with demonic lineage

lvl 3 gating summon all kind of creatures with demonic lineage

the ammount of summon depend on number of creatures in the stack + lvl of the gating

-add sound to summoning gatings

-cortect few things in the gating function configuration cause player to receive one more gating spell lvl 3 fixed!

-fate spinner receive for baleful gaze particles and sound

-add a new line for haunting plague in the skill wheel dark magic after modification of the funtion to fix the bug

-Alastor hero receive hero inferno icon it had necropolis

-darkstorm and moander corect creatures start up

-fixed 2 buildings in inferno town caused bugs!!! very important ones and modify the function on them

-ability blind of unicorn war fixed

-15 icons of inferno town improve visual

-fix sound in all castle sometimes plays 2 times same music

-texture and emissive dread knight improved

-improve eternal servitude effect visual

-rakashaka dash ability receive sound

-ability death is not the end of skeleton reduce effect chance by 25% and amount of summon by 15%

-putrid bones receive particle

Improved texture of Inferno Creatures +warfare units

Improved texture of Dungeon Creatures +warfare units

Improved Namtaru warfare Fate weaver and Fate Spinner texture like heroes 6

-druid elder master hunter archangel texture back normal doesn`t please

-reduce ability valkyre flame of arkath by -10% reduce damage and 8 dmg per valkyre need more test here

-Archangel absolut purity improve visual

-improve  texture Faceless and Faceless Puppeter like Heroes 6

–Repairing spam WAIT  and Defend  trigger by neutral creatures!!!!!



-add a new icon Abyssal Worm—Jubi

-add new icon Jesabeth Hero—Jubi

-add a new artwork Abyssal Worm—- user Jubi

-Manticore fly speed increase same as Scorpicore

-add updated Localization DEU —Jubi

-improved texture Coral Preastess

-improved texture Pearl Preastess

-improved texture kappa shoya

-improved texture assassin

-improved texture Kirin

-improved texture Sacred Kirin

-improved texture Kensei

-improved texture Banshee

-improved texture Putrid lamasu

-improved texture Spectral dragon

all of them Heroes VI textures

-modification of lilim forked fire ability now will strike 2 creatures more but close to the 2 sqare from the primary target

-Add Death Blow ability from Heroes 3 to Dread Knight having 25% dealing double damage

-lilim forked fire tooltip corect after modifications

-Fixed Minotaur/Medusa growth in the Dungeon forgot in the prew update

-Faceless corect name

-stats black knight/dread knight attack/defense changed and increase a little

-most of the creatures are geting vanila stats back but hp will remain however a few creatures i also reduced hp

-creatures growth back as vanila but reduced with 2 or 3 for core and 1 for elite cuz the hp remainsthis will help people to develop more heroes ,after my last play i couldn`t get enough army

-repair the visual static mesh of cerberus Heroes 6 in the inferno Siege map

-corect school damage mage/archmage

-corect Titan school damage

-translate a building boss

-fixed RMG on 300×300 now people can play huge maps but small info: After you chose settings for the map  DON`T PRESS PREVIEW on the right side to see the map before begining just proceed to chose Factions and players and start!!!

A small info with every update i m trying with some settings and configuration to come back as close as posible to vanila  because game its more stable and many problems was caused because of the modifications!!!