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Here is a new Champion Creature the Wild Pixie. It is based on an old concept art from the Might and Magic World.   I did this in my private time and it is far from perfect, but I hope you will enjoy it. You can mod it into your own creations or put it on your maps.   Known issues: - Animations for "Scent of Wildflower" and "Leaf in the Wind" do not play - Some of the Effects are not visible (do not play?) during combat (but are visible in the Animation Editor - There are no sounds for this creature - The Creature might not be balanced (feel free to make suggestions) - Creature has no heropedia entry - The Creature did not get tested with all possibilities, feel free to let me know if you find an issue - Map has no description (sry for being lazy, but the mapname says everything) - and it is only for those of you who want to test the pixie before using in your own map :)   If anyone of you has a fix for those issues, let me know :)   What this creature is and can do: The Creature is a 1x1 tile Champion Creature - week melee attack/retaliation - Scent of Wildflower: there is a 20% chance that the aura will remove attack and retaliation ability of enemies (will refresh when a new combat round starts); will appear when the enemy is not inside the aura anymore - Leaf in the Wind: A luck based evasion possiblity to incomming attacks (melee, ranged and hero attacks) - Prism: After taking magical damage (ranged and spells - not own hero spells) the creature will reflect random magic damage to all enemy creatures; the damage is based on creature stack size and hero level   - This upload contains two testmap versions (one for vanilla one for add on) - just in case ;) and the Creature Package I have my Creature located here: \...\steamapps\common\Might & Magic Heroes VII\MMH7Game\CookedPC\Editor\Templates And the Maps here: C:\Users\...\Documents\My Games\Might & Magic Heroes VII\MMH7Game\EditorWorkspace You should fine the Maps than in the Game: -> Multiplayer -> Hotseat -> Adventure Create -> scroll down Sundaynights’ Wild Pixie
Here is a new Champion Creature the Wild Pixie. It is based on an old concept art from the Might Read More......