Game:Heroes VII
Map author:Natalka_TOH
Added:February 15, 2016
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Players:2 players (2 human)2 players (2 human)
Map type:Skirmish
Victory condition:Standard
Custom modifications:

RTA stands for random tactical arena. 

This is the remake of the infamous heroes 5 map for quick multiplayer duels. Unfortunatelly, scripts don`t work in online mode so the map is playable only in Hotseat for now. Playing vs AI is also possible, but to do that start a Hotseat game vs Human and manually do all the things for the AI. When you meet the AI hero in the arena , arrange its troops and then set it to autocombat. 


1) Start full random against your opponent. When game starts there is a chest nearby that contains numerous artifacts and as soon as you take it your turn is ended so that there is autosave in case of bad connection. 

2) You are teleported to your town in which you can build magic guild level 1, set its specialization and learn all spells available there. Inside the town you will also find huge army waiting to die for you in the battle. 

3) In the surrounding area there are 2 arena and 2 stone of inspiration. Moreover there are several joiners divided in groups – cores, elites and champions. Out of each group choose only one stack. This is to simulate the buildings in town which can boost growth to either one or another unit. 

4) Last but not least don`t forget to visit the level-up shrine, learn all spells( there are numerous spell shrines outside of town), buy warmachines and visit the dragon vein. 

5) After you go through the portal there is only one thing left to do – defeat your opponent or die with honor!