Game:Heroes VII
Mod author:Antalyan
Last updated:May 5, 2017 at 22:50
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This is the compilation of several mods done by several authors for MMH7. The purpose is to fix as many H7 bugs as possible through one mod.

You can download the current version of our effort here. However, there are still many persisting bugs in the game (mentioned below), so anyone with any taste to try to fix the bugs is really welcome.

If you are successful in fixing any game bug, please, share your results with the rest of players as we did and let us know below.

List of bugs fixed by this mod
6. Pretorian: The Pretorian sometimes shields random units on the map that are not adjacent to it.
21. Oak Dryad: Oak dryad’s defense buff for adjacent creatures sometimes stopps working.
23. Area effects of positive spells (for example regeneration, stoneskin) sometimes stop working after 1 or 2 turns and do not last all 3 turns(randomly disappearing buffs from friendly creatures)!
27. Fire bird’s “Aura of Fire” works in strange modified way: instead of water magic immunity, it provides earth magic immunity. And instead of working for allies only, it works for all surrounding creatures including your enemy!
2. Ancient Treant’s “Entagled” effect applies when performing ranged attack too. What is worse, it is never removed, even not when the treant dies.
11. Unlimited retaliation: – If any unit with “unlimited retaliation” ability (- e.g. direwolf) uses “defend” and the hero has “preventive attack”, the unit retaliates twice before the attack and once more after the attack – so there are 3 retaliations instead of one.
14. Spectral Dragon:  Soul Reaver ability does gain no mana when activated(cannot be fixed – changed to passive ability)
22.1 The living shelter ability persists on cells even after the Treant moves.
26. Lizardman’s Scatter Shot gives attack bonus instead of -50% penalty.
36. The Fire Trail ability does not work: It gets randomly activating and disactivating, and when attacking the enemy, it does not even display correct tooltip for hitting multiple enemies when it is on. (cannot be fixed – changed to passive)
41. Death strike causing 300% increased damage instead of 200%
47. Ancient Treant attack twice in melee
48. Wrong luck application on Red & Ardent Dragon
49. Firebreath affecting friendly creatures as well
50. Einherjar’s hammer range attack not applying attack stat
51. Manticore’s sting not applying attack stat
52. Poison and agony working on undead
53. Some nova skills can be used only once per battle; another always

List of bugs persisting in the game, waiting to be fixed

1. Shadow Image spell: Wrong number of creatures (usually less) is usually summoned, especially when the hero has dark magic mastery.
2. Basilisk Rider tooltip: Predefined retaliation tooltip for small units should say “no” but says “yes” (the retaliation tooltip mechanics does not take into account this unit’s special ability)
3. Solmyr’s map: Asha Tear Building does not work when built in the town
4. Air magic Grandmaster: sometimes doing damage to random enemy units on the battlefield (when there are no adjacent units to the target). This happens usually when the unit changed its position at the end of its last turn.
5. School of War tooltip: When you visit “School of War” building with your hero, after some time, a green text for this hero “upgrades are available” displays on the building although after the visit, it does not upgrade and says “already visited”. Sometimes it works, so I have a suspicion the tooltip takes into account only if the hero has some might skills to be upgraded, but ignores the question if the hero has already visited the building or not. It should probably be possible to somehow use the modified tooltip version of the Arcane Academy, as its rules as similar and it works.
7. Justicar: Justicar’s “Opportunate attack” ability sometimes does not activate. In fact, it activates hardly ever.
8. Plague Lamasu:  Lamasu’s plague aura does not work in certain occasions (=sometimes). Especially it does not work after you use teleport to move plague lamasu to enemy units. It could be connected with the entry used for the ability – activates when the creature enters cell.
9. Light magic spell Martyr: Martyr (light magic t4 spell) deactivates in certain occasions (= completely stopps working).
10. Piercing shot ability: Piercing shot ability does not sometimes hit the units it should according to its tooltip, usually whenthe changes of trajectory are too fast.
12. Coordination skill: Their is a grandmaster skill in dungeon racial skill (Shroud of Malassa), Coordination, which enables your unit to attack 2x if the enemy does not retaliate. However, I have a suspicion it sometimes triggers even when the enemy retaliates. If the enemy unit has preventive defense (=preemptive strike), the game does not recognise it was a retaliation (as it triggered before, not after the attack) so your units always attack them 2x.
13. Spectral Dragon: Its Flaying Breath ability often shows “0 killed” on the tooltip. In certain camera angles, instead of number of units which should be killed by dragon attack (tooltip), “0” displays. The problem usually appears when there are more units to be hit by the dragon.
15. Silverback: Its “Feral Charge” ability does not work against minotaurs and against units under “preventive defense”. They do retaliate.
16. Hathor has wrong hero specialisation in heropedia (to be fixed in heropedia, does not corespond with his actual specialization in the game).
20. Banned magic schools: Some factions should not have access to some magic schools, for example no light magic for necropolis. But this rules do not work sometimes.
22. Treant: Living shelter ability works in a very strange way when you activate it: sometimes it works correctly and stopps enemies. Sometimes it stopps them but they get additional turn, so it’s useless. And sometimes it does not get activated at all! Additionally, it persists on cells even after the Treant moves.
24. Disappearing hero skills in campaigns: After you finish a campaign mission with random skilling, when you start the next mission, your hero forgets some skills! Some of them only disappear in skillwheel but still work in combat, some of them completely disappear and their effects too Cannot be fixed in editor but only through scripts programming. In Important tips thread, there’s mentioned how to avoid this bug in order to be able to play random skilling without any restrictions, as intended.
25. AI is abolutely clueless against mass effects: its units remain in firewall, blizzard, poison cloud areas without any desire to get out of them.
28. Soul confragration (new Tier 4 Prime magic spell) deals much less damage than it should when the hero has prime magic grandmaster ability. A suspicion that it is always casted with -20 magic even during the first cast.
29. Gathering Storm (Air Magic novice perk) does not work for air spells with direct damage and so the calculation tooltip for this spell is different from damage it actually does.
30. Earth Elemental is not immune to Earth Magic spell “Wasp Swarm”
31. The ability “Soul Fire” of Valkyrie and Dis gets removed from a unit if the unit moves but still remains adjacent to valkyrie/dis.
32. If a hero has both earth and water magic expert skills AND water and earth magic wisdom perks, the Frost Bolt spell deals twice as much damage.
33. Erratic storm has no spell description when casted by scroll.
34. Arkath’s Blessing spell does not work when a hero has fire magic mastery /tooltip 0 to 0 damage appears in the battle/.
35. When kraken attacks in melee, the tooltip of caused damaged randomly increases several times (and decreases again), also the damage which is actually dealt by it, is strange. It is possible its active ability modified damage somehow changes the ordinary damage even when it’s not activated.
37. The Teleport spell can be casted on “empty space/unit” ,so without any effect
38. Arkath’s Hammer tooltip does not work (it does not show the damage dealt to surrounding enemies)
39. Healing spells and abilities sometimes resurrect only one unit
40. Warlord’s set setbonus for 2 items remains active even if you unequip them (fixed with reload)
42. The bonus “Resurrection” ability granted as bonus for 4 artifacts of the Battle Garb of the Griffin set (bonus preorder set) persist in the spellbook even after the set is unequipped. Furthermore, if Ivan (as no other hero can equip this set) has a light magic mastery, the spell multiplies in the spellbook, occupying thus more and more slots. Usually happens after Ivan receives higher Light Magic ranks.
43. AI does not defend its towns and tends to leave them even if an enemy hero is nearby.
44. Broken interrupt movement buff: it provides additional turn without any tooltip, on a random base. Appears: Ancient Treant’s Enliving Shelter, Rune Traps
45. Mission 1: Ivan – Addon: The caravans from the haven town get stuck and neither return to the town nor move. So basically, you lose all your troops you trasnport by caravans.
46. Shantiri Titan cannot be displayed in Heropedia
54. Governance: Economy GM does not work for towns with another governor assigned
55. Kari’s Fire Heart specialization doesn’t work for Fire Sentry
56. Centaur’s and Centaur Marauder’s Maneuver ability causes that if this unit is attacked before its turn, it loses its turn or it cannot attack during it.
57. Diplomacy GM skill is not working. The governance skills don’t apply to other town are not working

Mods and improvements of several authors have been used for this compilations, such as: Antalyan, china-king, kknd21q, Romansen, Uziel

Big thanks for any help, you can report more bugs not mentioned above, but the best help is certainly if you manage to fix anything.