Game:Heroes VII
Mod author:MoritzBradtke
Last updated:July 30, 2020 at 01:01
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Hereos VII Mod by M.B
i kind of restarted this project, so pls delete old H7Improved Mod first!
i recommand installing my mod as the last mod if use several ones, other mods that add new Adventure maps work fine with this mod  but since im using some files other mods do as well, the last mod will Always overwrite the previous one,  if u are unsure about this, just delete ure “cookedpc” Folder in documents/mygames/hereosVII which contains all files which overwrite game files but not new maps (u should always install and delete mods this way, dont touch the files where the game itself is installed on f.e C:)

most changes are listed in readme.txt and there is an instal/uninstall guide as well,  this mod only supports german Tooltips at the Moment, so some wrong/messed up  tooltips can happen if  u dont Play on german text language but that doesnt affect gameplay, so you could still test/play the changes , in game Change text language under Options, if u want to help translate it to english let me know, not sure if i hav e time for english loca but prolly rather not, just in case someone wants to do it i prepare a text.file to help with english loca

if the mod causes any Problems for u let me know,  if u find any Bugs let me know


This is my personal Content and Balance Mod for the game Might and Magic Heroes VII. I enjoy the game a lot. This is an ongoing Project i would like to continue when i have time to do it. So feel free to try it and give me some Feedback so i can improve this mod even more (: I want a fun and balanced game after all so im up for suggestions!  be sure to check back for uptades at some point if u love the game as much as me (: Have fun!
H7 Mod by Moritz Bradtke
Reworked H7Improved Version…
i wanted to use my experience with the game and put together another mod which improves the game by dealing with the most important bugs while also improving gameplay aspects.. currently only supporting german localisation as that is easier for me, if u want to translate it to other languages let me know and i can explain how it works, it is quite easy to do but u need to know german language a bit at last or u need to use a translator?, also thx to UCP for collecting/tracking so many bugs, im using some of those fixes in my mod and a few other changes as well
List of all changes, more to come, mod is still in development~
1. firewall 1 turn
2. blizzard 1 turn
3. poisoned blades, acid spit and withered venom now treated as poison(so units that take less damage from poison…works now)
5. ancient tree changes: his retalation fixed, entangled roots treated as movement reduction effect
6. leading by example wasnt working for ranged attacks, still not working on retalation?
7. stonespikes spell in the spellbook doubled dmg of several abilities when also earth knowledge III was learned
8. putrid bones necro now also working on retalation
9. maneuver ability bugs fixed
10. most spells start rather weak now and scale mostly by magic, usually they no longer scale with magic skill ranks and aoe spells are a lot weaker, however they are still useful but it depends on you to make the most of em, aoe spells are still good but they are weak and drain too much mana on low lv heros esp. without upgrades so they are better used on higher lv heroes with a lot mana, this also helps to balance em better compared to might heroes
11. changes to spells: burning determination(rdy),inner fire(rdy)… now affects the whole battle site, effects are changed, are stronger than before bc sometimes only 1 turn and the corresponding wisdom skill is a weaker upgrade because these spells are allrdy quite strong
12. changed construct ability: now constructs arent immune to poison anymore, instead they take 50% damage, was a necessary change because AI will ignore this and cast spells on em they are immune to to do undead/
13. firebolt weaker now, nerfed overall initial dmg, same for sunbeam
14. fire magic burning debuff only 1 turn, overall weaker 75% of firebolt
15. alternative skin for haven unit abbot
16. added nomeele penalty skill for units who dont have meele penalty
17. fixed haven ability opertunity retalation not working (thx to UCP mod (-: ), however for some reason justicar is attacking trice on regular attacks, not sure why so i fixed this also he longer attacks twice on oppertunity retalations
18: hall of heroes: no more heroes from other factions available
19: removed caps for morale and luck
20. added a custom hero for haven, lots of custom stuff for her (-: Jesabeth is name
21. changed firewall spell, balancing, only 1 time dmg and 1×4 now 60% of firebolt
22. AI changes: AI Resource income multipliers on skirmish maps… easy: 0.75->1, average: 1->1.25 hard: 1.75->1.50, deadly 2.5->1.75 and…AI start resources multiplier: average difficulty: 2->2.5, hard 3->2.5              deadly 4->3 …AI creature growth multiplier: easy 0.75->1 average 1->1.25, and lost hero rehire cost down like 50% cheaper, that is so because new heroes cost more now it scales with amount of hereos u alrdy have, helps with AI spamming heroes, max hereos 5 for AI player but needs tetsing, also lowered amount of money saved for hero recruiting i guess and AI might start sooner with recruiting
22-2: player change: player start ressourse on  shortage: 0.2-> 0.4, limited 0.6->0.7
23. Warfare: now u get the default attack warfareunit when u skill novice and the support one when u skill expert, also offensive warfarunits now work with charges, means if u are out of charges(muni) u cant use em anymore, amount of muni varries with warfare skill, artelery barrage only 1 shot, imp.durability now also gives control of units and this effect is removed from artelery but artelery gets something new, healing sister healing power decreased a bit expert and above because she can resurrect now with rightenous skill 2D body texture for heroes orna and murazel on skirmish maps, new classes for these heroes, changes some stats,skills,abilities here too
25. more realistic scaling for creatures on and combat map (prolly not 100% finished, might need some finetuning)
26. morale effects: +25% movement and damage
27. few changes on rignteousness skill: moral changes, healing sister works different now,blessed words effect: 10->15
28. new effect for light magic sunbeam on upgrade
29.light magic celestial armor manacost down and spell is stronger now
31. changes to brother in arms righteousness skill, moral for all units but weaker
32. changes to leadership skill and some abilities in the tree, now also gives more units when governour, tactics adds ini and reso adds damage reduction, changed master skill in leadership(mainly to help AI) might sill need some tweaking to avoid unwanted actions,
33. changed few things about diplomacy, tried to make the skill better overall, for AI and player, removed mixed faction army penalty on morale
34. balanced sunburst spell and fireball, 75% of firebolt, also sunburst upgrade effect now only 2 turns but much stronger( was a bit weak before compared to other spells)
35. fixed bug with alesia spec
36. changes on exploration skill similiar to diplomacy,
37. added 2 new creature abilities for haven angels and academy gargoyles
37. edited spell lightning burst, now only buff no more debuff, will never harm friendly units, will now also activate when the unit is attacked in meele in any way and dmg is +50% of firebolt, balanced lightning bolt as well, schocked debuff only 2 turns instead of 3 for all spells
38. scholar skill effects changed, instead of -20%mana, now -10% mana, also soul harvest from 20 mana down to 10
39. reworked spell heal, AI is not using this btw, so only for player feature, different effects on upgrades now and can also remove negative effects, only single target
40. fixed bugs with shielding and treant synergy abilities, ucp fixes here, also removed spell tag on treant synergy
41. switched stronghold centaur’s meele attack and the crit animation, so now u can actually see when the unit attacks in meele and when in range, means crit animation will be nothing special tough~
42. improved attack visuals of pixie and sprite unit by addind blossoms to the attacks
43. changed firebolt visual to reflect balance changes more, is called firstrike now and primary fire spell
44. halfed default flanking dmg bonus
45. balanced fire sientry spell
46. rune priest now uses his crit animation on critical ranged attacks instead of prior in meele
47. magic immunity changed because AI doesnt take this into account when casting debuffs on units with it, so far gargoyle got something new
48.halved amount of defense gained through “defend”, AI rarely uses it, i want to avoid abuse through player
49. bug fix: justicar attacks trice instead of twice on regular attacks
50. gargoyles got new ability from ucp mod
51. righenous skill now also increases spirit
1.corrected mana cost of sunbeam
2.corrected lightning burst dmg under new condition
3.aura of purity changed a bit
4.some changes on effect tags so removal abilities and debuffs work better together
5. sprite and pixie dmg lowered from 2-2,2-3 to 1-2,2-2 but they get a new ability, oak dryad got a rework new ability and stats changed a bit,  dryad also a mage now and vanilla gift of life ability disabled for now
6. better visual scaling for some units
7. haven choral of believers gives +4 magic for light magic as well
8. i replaced wolves with griffins in haven tech tree and switched realted factions of em
9. some balancing on celestial armor
10. omg this one was hell, i thought oppertunity retalation has been fixed in ucp mod but it was still bugged for fome reason, esp. with cleave, i tried working with ucp archetypes but nothing worked so i had to change a lot because way too many attacks were triggered, also works only once a turn now because it was unbalanced with unlimited strikes
11. scattershot has beeen changed, lizardmen ability, AI will now use it, it didnt do before, once per combat
12. face of fear bug fixed, targets loose their turn when they didnt act yet the combat turn they were buffed
13. despair spell, the spell was changed in V 1.0 but i didnt list it, spell wasnt rdy tough so now working as intended with the proper changes, upgrade effect is still missing though———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
1.some polishing from previous release, aoe direct damage magic stronger again, should be about 1 to 1 in most cases if u hit a good amount of units compared to the single hit ones when it comes to mana dmg ratio
2. turned off mana use in quick combat so i think AI and player will not use mana in quick combats anymore, so AI should always have full mana when u meet it, i dont see much benefit in having it enabled atm, quick combat fights are pretty obsolote usually anyway and not much mana would have been spend so chances are high it does more harm than it does good and AI doesnt need this handycap in any situation in generel
3.i reverted some changes on heroes like higher costs for new heroes or number of max heroes, i dont think it makes much sense to change anything here, prolly doesnt help, guess we have to live with AI spamming a lot heroes, therefore i also restored the difficulty bonus on ressource income, AI is swimming in gold anyways, not much benefit trying to alter it, im not good at all in understanding how AI handles economic decisions, so i wont touch this anymore for the moment
4. nerfed reneweal and soul harvest mana amount even more cause spell users are still very strong compared to might heroes early game
5. changed scholar effects to -2 mana instead of the introduced change of -10% on mana cost, feels better overall this way
6. spell changes: fireball removed friendly fire here and different upgrade effect, burning dot dmg down,firewall balancing, sunbeam miss chance down, im removing warefare units as targets for aoe spells over time,lightning bolt change
7. prime magic skill changes, more magic boosts
8. paragon skill changes, exp reduction but mentor up, new and changed abilities
9. balanced chain lightning
10.reworked dark magic weakness spell and added 2 new effects for the upgrades of weakness and despair
11. added a fix to rune stone adventure object, was spawning traps which heavily conflicted with current AI behaviour, should be better now i guess————————————————————————————————————————-
1. polishing from previous versions… bugs,balancing etc.
2. fiery sentry hits visuals a little bigger
3. the fortress relic sword with martyr had a bug that was crashing the game on use and the spell on it actually didnt work as it should
4. restored vanilla flanking value and caped morale and luck at 75 again, max defense modifier was changed to 15% from 30% and max att mod to 450% from 400% so the defense cap isnt reached so easily
5. there is a penalty for having troops from different factions again but it is lower
6. resistance skills changed: -50% from spells and effects changed to 25% just as attacks from that element, and for immunities some immunities will only half dmg as i changed magic immunity, only doing this for darkness and earth immunity for now, not the best solution but better than AI casting spells into nothingness, it is planned this will not affect creatures special affects though they shall still be immune f.e magma elemental against fire breath add dmg, (just an example), also magic immunity gives immunity against extra elemental effects from units again f.e posioned blades but magic dmg is still halved for balance reasons
7. reverted change with fireball friendly fire, i just noticed AI doesnt mind mana management so i was thinking what i could do as AI will even cast spells like fireball or sunburst on single targets sometimes, so this is difficult to balance for a human vs AI match obviously, so ive decided to avoid these 3×3 spells as good a spossible, they are still going to be weaker as planned so human cant exploit em so easily, so this is basically more in line with the first version note 10.
8.more ammo for offensive ballista, this is only 100% working for haven atm
9.i said most spells no longer scale with ranks but i did some more testing and ill change that again so all spells do not only scale with magic but with the skill rank as well, however the improvements per rank will be weaker than in vanilla but this is still work in progress
10. bug: einheriar throwing hammer skill was missing attack check box so did not scale with attack
11. some polishing on effects like poisoned blades when attacking a unit with resistance to the element, i hope all resistances work as intended
12. balancing for spells: firebolt,fireball,firewall,burning dete and inner fire, also sunbeam,sunburst,heal,lightning burst+bolt, scholar skills up to 4 mana as i plan to increase mana cost of spells for better balance overall
13. removed stunning blow from gargoyle again and gargoyle now starts with magic guard right away, i try not to later unit balance with more than necessary skills for now but i want to add/change more skills as i i did for
the angel/lizardmen/pixie/dryad f.e but i dont want to overdo it here right now
14. ive created some nothing special artifacts for might heroes they can start with on skirmish map, it helps em a bit on the rough start compared to magic heroes, added for some factions so far
15. uptaded eldrics spec for griffins
16. updated fortune spell, uptaded timecontrol spell, added upgrade effect
17. removed magic boost from prime tree skill ups again——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

1. polishing
2. added some custom heroes to the game
3. frostbolt and armageddon balancing, regeneration and stoneskin spell changed and added new upgrade effect of winter and stonespikes balancing, poisonspray balancing and changed upgrade effect
5. added new changes and stuff to haven hall of heroes heros and my custom heroes, i also checked all haven heroes’ classes in an effort to improve the way AI spends the skill points, so ive changed the default skills of some classes a bit but only minimal as i want to keep the vanilla preset mostly, but esp. rnd skilling will yield less “rnd” skills because that causes a series of problems sometimes also i dont think a priest with fire magic is very meaningful or a pld with earthlike poison magic
6. changed retribution spell and added another upgrade effect, now called divine strength
7. i reworked light magic tier spells bit so it works out better for the game and its possibilities, f.e heal is now a tier 2 spell and the old retribution is now tier 1 but it also has different effects than before
8. little nerf to uplifting light skill
9. kind of finished the haven faction with this uptade… in line with the changes on light magic, there will be some adjustments but i think the faction is in a good place now
10. added fix from ucp mod to cabir soldering hands, works a bit different now tough, unlimited use but cabir needs to be right next to the construct on turn start to use the heal skill, also no longer targets completly dead unit stacks, ill remove the “target dead function” from the heal spell as well as the reason for this is if u heal a dead stack 1. it looks strange because there is no getup animation and 2. sometimes u get the wrong numbers like only 1 unit revived, ill keep the tier 4 resurection spell as it is for now tough obviously
11. switched wolves with griffins for haven for heroes and tier 1 dwelings
12. i added some new or changed specs to haven and my custom heroes for some diversity, some of these are from the upc mod and some are weaker specs but then the hero will be stronger by default
13. some heros have creature growth specs but they dont start with a lot of these units, i want to change it so the starter heroes are more diverse while still balanced, introduced for haven so far as everything i do the first time :’D
14. i added some new abilities from ucp mod but only for neutral units, i dont want to change the faction balance right now
15. reduced summon elemental mana cost a bit, not sure yet whats best but i think 50 was a bit too high
16. ive nerfed a few magic + like hero specs and i halved the bonus to attack in the warfare tree for the offensive ballista for the haven ballista, also nerfed haven christian spec a bit————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

1.polishing, esp. with neutral units new abilities but other stuff like bugs or improvements on this mod’s content in general as well
2. combat camera may be moved more freely now, rotate degree increased and u can zoom in much more
3. haven opertunity reta works unlimited times again just like unmlimited retalations, but it is still limited to 1 hit each attack as justicar
4. christian spec was nerfed a bit again and ive reduced the attack boost in warefare for haven even more, it down to +1 on each rank in warefare to a max of +4, i did this because warefare still was very strong last patch, if it feels good ill do it for every faction
5. light skill uplifting light default value of +3 morale again
6. i changed griffin unit, now has the ucp ability griffins resolve as base ability and on upgrade unlimited retalation, i removed dive attack as it was casuing several bugs and i didnt like the way the ability worked to be honest ^^’
7.i reworked sylvaan erder druids thorns, this ability was a disaster, buggy cause AI was trapped in it, AI didnt even use it and looked rather bad visually
8. prime skill novice change switched one vanilla skill back in, regeneration spell didnt work properly with upgrade and it was too weak so i buffed it but im still not sure if it is good enough it costs only 10 mana right now, however should be better now
9. sylvaan mark of avenger skill now also works with spells cast one one target, might also work with some aoe but would only affect the primary target i guess, impede now also reduces initiative, i changed natures wraith, it no longer boosts magic as it was quite bad design u had to wait until end of the turn to get the most out of it what was kind of silly because usually u want to cast a spell as soon as possible making it contraproductive, it now acts as the manareg skill for sylvaan as it will regan mana each turn instead
10. added some visual effects on some abilities, also added a fiery crossbow effect to kobold pathfinders, it doesnt have any gameplay effect just looks nice (-: