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How can I upload a map/mod on the website?
You have to be a registered member to upload content.

Will I be able to modify or update my uploaded files?
Yes, after your content is published on the site you gain access to modify your submitted information and update your uploaded files.

How do I install a mod? Do I know if it will work?
Every mod has separate installation instructions included in the package (unless hosted outside HoMMdb). It is very important to understand that modding usually requires modifying of original game files, and by doing so you may end up making the game unplayable. Always make backup copies of the original files and follow the installation instructions carefully.
Mods are reviewed before release on HoMMdb, but there is no guarantee a mod will work completely as intended. Please use the comment system to report the author of any incompatibilities or bugs.

Why do the files have to be approved?
Without a manual approval process there would be no control whatsoever what kind of content would get published, and the site would be very vulnerable to misuse. Although the files are reviewed carefully, HoMMdb does not take any responsibility for possible damage occurred to your game or your system.

My question isn’t answered here, can I contact you?
Yes, you may contact us by filling out the contact form.

One comment on “Site FAQ

  1. Hello Guys! I have a big Problem.

    at first, sorry for my bad English. i am a newbee in Modding and got all needed Programms to Mod HoMM7. I can change the script and change names and such things, but i cant work on the visuals.. The unreal engine 4 donĀ“t read the upk. data, so i installed the Unreal engine 3, wich had the same Problem. I also tried another Programms but nothing can read them. So i tried to change a mod of another users her. Simple visuals wich i wanted to look, if my engine can read them. but no chance..

    It can`t be all Data Corruptet, i mean, another people made this Mods, so it is possible to read and change the Datas.

    Are you can Help me? i am absolutely motivatet to make a great german Mod with nice visuals and cool, fancy scrpits!

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